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Outstanding & Original Baby Names Beginning With ‘O’

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Ogling baby names is outstanding fun, and “O” names are some of the most opulent and ostentatious out there, honestly. As much as we loved “L” names last month, and meandered through “M” names most recently, and “N” names remain near to our hearts, when the opportunity for “O” names knocks it’s a good omen.

Of course, nobody’s on an errand for “O” names that feel oafish, obdurate, or opaque. Instead, the onus is on you to uncover the opposite: monikers that are as original and outstanding as your little one. For lovers of the old school, Olive and Otis are spot-on; for modern “O” go-tos, look to Oakes, Onyx, and Orlo. Ooooh we absolutely love “O” names.

Traditional “O” names for girls

Olivia (she’ll have an adorable children’s book series to grow up with)

Octavia (Butler and Spencer are great namesakes)

Olga (a slightly more elegant sound than Helga, IMO)

Ophelia (tragic heroines are all the rage in 2020)

Olena (a lovely Greek and Russian name meaning “light”)

Oliana (or Oleanna after the flower)

Ossana (a version of Hosanna, meaning praise)

Oddveig (Norse name meaning “pointed,” maybe she’ll make good pointed arguments?)

Oma (means “commanding,” “cedar tree” or “the color of olive” — or all three!)

Odessa (means “wrathful” and let’s hope she takes it out on the White House)

Trendy “O” names for girls

Olwen (this means “white footprint” and refers to an old Welsh heroine)

Opal (other gemstone names like Jade and Amethyst are having a moment)

Oprah (a living legend! Her name means “fawn”)

Olive (Drew Barrymore chose this classic for her daughter)

Oaklyn/Oaklynne (a newly popular name; its usage went up 181% in 2016)

Olympia (if it’s good enough for Serena Williams…)

Orazia (from the same root as Horatio, meaning “keeper of time”)

Oadira (if the Hebrew name Adira meaning “strong” needs just a bit more ornament for ya)

Oaisara (a Muslim name meaning “empress” and won’t she be?)

Oamra (for lovers of Luna and Chandra, this name also means “moon”)

Unisex “O” names

Onyx (Iggy Azalea picked this one for her son)

Oak (nature names never go out of style)

Oakah (elegant but still gender-neutral)

Oakland (for California natives and more)

Oakley (not just for sunglasses anymore)

Oakes (previously a surname but growing in popularity as a first)

Ohio (geographic names are definitely a thing)

Otter (Zooey Deschanel’s odd but adorable pick for her daughter)

Oates (just don’t name your other kid — or pet — Hall)

Oba (“king” in Egyptian but we think it works for any gender)

Obil (Biblical name meaning “who weeps,” and don’t we all these days)

Traditional “O” names for boys

Oscar (from Wilde to Isaac, chic namesakes aplenty)

Oliver (an “affectionate” lil’ Dickensian hero)

Ollie (short for Oliver or just great on its own)

Otto (a German name meaning “wealthy” and won’t he need it)

Obadiah (an Old Testament prophet with folksy Americana charm)

Oberon (King. Of. The. Fairies. Enough said)

Octave (simpler than Octavius but still powerful)

Otis (again…just don’t name your puppy Milo)

Owen (meaning “young fighter” and let’s hope that’s in social justice)

Omar (means “life” or “long-living”)

Trendy “O” names for boys

O’Brian (another surname that’s showing up as a fun first name)

Octavius (technically means “born eighth” but you definitely don’t need eight kids to pull it off)

Ozzie (not only for hard rockers — but also for hard rockers)

Odin (Norse god of the sky)

Orion (he’ll always be able to find himself — in the stars)

Olson (means “son of Ole” but also just sounds cool)

Omega (because Alpha is a bit much, don’t you think?)

Obie (short for Oberon, Obadiah, or just cute on its own)

Orlo (because Arlo is soooo 2019 don’t you think?)

Oxford (let’s just hope he doesn’t end up going to Cambridge)

Here are some of the weirdest celebrity baby names we love.

celebrity baby names

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