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Alec & Hilaria Baldwin’s Baby Name Means ‘Wealthy’ & We Have Questions

Two days after announcing the birth of their fifth baby, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are reporting on the little guy’s name. It’s lovely, albeit a bit long, and it’s certainly meaningful — but it was one of those meanings in particular that jumped out at us.

“We would love to introduce you to Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin,” Hilaria shared on Instagram Thursday. “Born Sept 8, 2020 at 7:46pm, he weighed 7lbs 8oz. His name means ‘wealthy guardian of peace and light.’ We love you baby Edu.”

Yes, we raised an eyebrow at a couple of Hollywood celebrities naming their child something that means “wealthy.” Eduardo is the name in question: a Spanish name meaning “wealthy” or “prosperous” that has the same roots as the Old English name Eadweard, which means “rich.” But hey, peace and light too! Love to see it.

The middle name Pau means “peace” in Catalan, coming from the same Latin root (“pax” for peace) as “paix” in French and “paz” in Spanish and Portuguese. But it’s worth noting that the name Pau has also been said to mean “howling or sighing” — actions that are pretty par for the course (pau for the course?) for any newborn in our experience. As for Lucas, it means “light” or “luminous.”

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However, Jennifer Moss of BabyNames tells SheKnows that parents tend to put history and lyricism above meaning and linguistic roots when it comes to their name selections.

“Not many people choose a name based on the meaning,” she says. So, Eduardo, Pau and Lucas could simply “be names from Hilaria’s family,” Moss explains. “Eduardo, Leonardo, Carmen, Rafael, and Romeo [the Baldwins’ other four children] are all Spanish names, and Hilaria was born in Majorca, Spain.”

Whether Eduardo is named after a particularly wealthy and peaceful abuelo, we have yet to find out. But that nickname “Edu” sure is cute — and so is that baby.

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