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Jessica Alba Crying Over Daughter Honor’s Height is Their Sweetest Photo Yet

Plenty of us parents find ourselves saying it to our kids. Or at least, whispering it in our minds: Slow down. Stop growing for a minute! How did you get so big, so old, so fast?! Of course, rationally we would never want our kids to stop growing and learning and getting more independent. We know it’s our job to raise them up and let them go. But sometimes the speed of it all just feels like a lot to process, you know?

Mom of three Jessica Alba is right there with us. Alba shared a photo this week where she’s overcome with emotion about the fact that her eldest daughter, Honor Marie Warren, is now officially Taller Than Mom.

“The moment you realize your number 1 baby is taller than you,” Alba captioned the photo slideshow along with a few sobbing emojis. In the first slideshow pic, she’s tearfully hugging Honor but you can’t quite tell the height difference; in the second, a back-to-back shot of the mother-daughter pair, you sure can. And 12-year-old Honor is in the lead.

A mere height difference can seem like a silly thing to get all worked up over, but she’s not alone in getting sentimental over how suddenly kids manage to grow gigantic (and how quickly that transports us weepy parents back to the baby days when they were so wee they could fit in our two hands). Back in June, plenty of us parents wishing we could slow down the sands of time just a teeny bit related hard to Alyssa Milano as she carried around her very tall nine-year-old son.
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“I can still hold him,” Milano wrote. “I’m terrified I won’t remember the very last time I held him. So every once and a while I hold him and I try and make a mental note of the day and time just in case it’s the last.”

Honestly, we’ve been there. I, for one, started crying just yesterday at the realization that my huge four(four!)-year-old and I can no longer quiiiite fit/sleep comfortably together in my full-size bed. At least not without me getting face-whacked by his shockingly gigantic legs.

So yes, kids, we parents do want you to grow up into your biggest, tallest, fullest truest selves and thrive. But every once in awhile, just humor us and let us carry you around for a minute, okay? Okay.

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