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Shawn Johnson’s Baby Drew Hazel Is Already Walking — See Her Cute First Steps

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and pro football player Andrew East’s daughter, 9-month-old Drew Hazel, has been delighting us (and every other one of the influencer couple’s fans) ever since she made her debut back in November. Just the other day, the proud mama posted the absolute sweetest clip of her daughter admiring herself in her very first leotard, and eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed just how confidently the little girl was standing. So it comes as no surprise to learn that Drew Hazel, clearly taking after her athletic parents, is walking already.

The couple released a vlog to discuss their daughter’s progression from crawling to walking, and in the wholesome series of home-taped videos, we watch as Drew Hazel goes from crawling on the living room floor to pushing herself with a baby walker to standing against the couch and reaching out to the family dog. Then, in the ultimate clip, she reaches her arms forward and shakily takes a few steps towards her mom.

“She got this mischievous, super-excited grin on her face and she just started walking,” Johnson says.

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But someone wasn’t there to see those precious first steps: Daddy Andrew, who posted on his own Instagram about having missed the milestone. “The first steps @drewhazeleast ever took! and I missed em,” he wrote. “Love the zombie arms and playlist @shawnjohnson full video link in bio #walking #babies #family#marriage.”

It’s safe to say that East was bummed, but at least Johnson captured the moment on video.

OK, obviously, no parent wants to miss their child’s first steps — or any major milestones in their children’s life. But as every parent also ultimately learns, it happens — and it’s okay. (It even happens to Royals! Remember when Kate Middleton, desperately sick with hyperemesis gravidarum while pregnant with her daughter, actually made headlines for missing Prince George’s first day of school?) Let’s all repeat it again: It’s okay. As a parent, you just can’t be there for everything, especially for moments like first steps that can’t be planned for, can’t be scheduled. Feeling sadness? of course. But guilt? Let’s give ALL parents a break on that one.

As for the East family, we’re guessing that daddy Andrew has had plenty of time by now to witness Drew’s little legs in action, and chase after her. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next vlog shows her running — and cartwheels probably aren’t far behind.

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