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Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Birdie’s First Word Is Every Mom’s Dream

It seems like just a minute ago that Jessica Simpson confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child with a cute (if corny!) “mummy” Halloween costume photo. So when the singer-turned-fashion mogul told people that her kids are growing up fast, we were right there with her. Even Simpson’s youngest daughter Birdie is up and running at 17 months old, and she’s formed a real bond with her older brother and sister that even influenced her first word.

“It’s so cute to watch my older kids with her,” Simpson told People. “My son [Ace] and her are like BFFs! The cutest. When Birdie is laughing, like cackling, that is a contagious thing throughout the family. Her first word was ‘Ace.'”

That is basically a dream come true for every parent of multiple children, isn’t it?

We’re sure Birdie is downright thrilled that 7-year-old Ace and 8-year-old Maxwell are going to school at home at the start of the fall semester, as the number of coronavirus cases in California remains high. Simpson nevertheless celebrated her eldest kids’ first day of school this week with a funny photo.

“First day of 2nd and 3rd grade for these two kiddos,” Simpson captioned the Instagram, noting, “Ace has a busted lip and Maxi has a busted chin. Finished the summer out strong.”

It sounds like little Birdie is as physically active as her siblings too.

“She’s also a bruiser; she’ll just go darting off in one second, and you’re like, ‘Wait, how’d you get all the way over there?'” she told People. “It’s crazy. They’re growing up so fast.”

Like Ace, Maxwell, and Birdie these are some more very original names of celebrity children.

celebrity baby names

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