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Nikki Bella Doesn’t Have Childcare or ‘Any Help’ With Her New Baby

Twins Nikki and Brie Bella brought us all along throughout their pregnancy and birth journeys, from naked pregnancy photo shoots to stealth midnight hospital baby meetings. And now we’re honestly delighted to get some glimpses into the postpartum days both sisters are spending with their babies Buddy Dessert (Brie’s son) and Mateo Artemovich (Nikki’s son).

This week on the sisters’ The Bellas Podcast, Nikki happened to mention that she’s doing the whole new-mom thing without “any help” in terms of childcare since her partner Artem Chigvintsev went back to work. Gulp.

Artem is on Dancing With the Stars and that has left me alone with Matteo,” Nikki said on the podcast. “And because of COVID, too, I don’t have any help. It’s just me.”

Yiiiikes. Being a new parent is stressful enough with a partner around to split baby duty with, and you can tell by how much many celebrities gush about their nannies that hired childcare can also be a huge help if you can swing it. And when most of us parents forgo a nanny or babysitter, it’s because we just plain can’t afford it (hi). We have a sneaking suspicion the Bellas could afford it, but that Nikki is making this choice in an effort to spend more time with her son in these first few months of his life. So she’s going the no-nanny route for now, like certain brave celebs before her — from Cardi B to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. (But not Melania Trump, whose presumed lack of childcare staff was apparently a myth. Who knew?)

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“I do get a little help from Brie and [Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan],” Nikki added on the podcast, “which, they’ve been amazing.”

Well thank goodness for that. Especially since Nikki’s kid is a real boob hog, apparently: “I really feel bad for Nicole,” Chigvintsev said on Good Morning America. “Because [Mateo’s] a really good eater. So he’s been on it.” Ouch.

Here’s hoping Nikki gets some solid childcare hours soon — or at least a really good nap.

Here’s what those nanny-having celebrities have to say about their childcare choice.

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