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Noteworthy Baby Names Beginning With ‘N’ For Your Noble Newborn

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If the ninth month of your pregnancy is nigh, and there’s still nary a nice name in sight, our inventory of baby names beginning with “N” may be just what you and your soon-to-be newborn need. There’s no need to get nauseated (again) about the newborn era nearing and needing to nail down a name in no time. Maybe our “M” names made you muddled, and our list of “L” names left you lost. Never fear: “N” names are here!

Need a nonagerian name (that’s from the 1930s, you know)? Nancy, Nina and Nathaniel are nice and normal. If novel and nontraditional is more your niche, Nico, Nile, or even Nirvana are all noteworthy. And with no nonsensical, nutty or negative names here (we left Lucifer back with the “L”s, naturally) there’s no need to be nervous. Just needle your way through this list of “N” names, and you’ll be ready to name that newb, now.

Classic “N” names for girls

Nancy (means “favor” or “grace,” and great for mystery-solving gals too)

Nina (Simone, Dobrev, Flowers are all great role models)

Nell (“shining light” or “champion“)

Nora (another light-related name, this one also means “honor“)

Natalie (technically means “born at Christmas” but September’ll do!)

Naomi (Watts, Campbell, this one is bound for the screen)

Natasha (speaking of screen stars, Natasha Lyonne deserves some more namesakes after Russian Doll, c’mon)

Nicole (a ’90s favorite meaning “people’s victory”)

Nadia (means “caller,” “announcer,” or “hope,” take your pick)

Nellie (Nellie Bly was a boundary-breaking female journalist, which means we’re obsessed)

Trendy “N” names for girls

Nikki (can be short for Nicole and/or a nod to Nike, the Greek goddess of victory)

Nova (she will be super)

Neveah (yes it’s “heaven” spelled backwards, and it’s more popular than you might think)

Nala (not just for little lionesses…but also for little lionesses)

Nessa (just maybe steer clear of Nessie for fear of sea monster refs)

Nita (short for Juanita or just lovely on its own)

Nirvana (it’s weird but wonderful, especially if you love Buddhism and/or grunge)

Naya (Naya Rivera was a great mom and actor lost too soon)

Nailah (means “winner,” so let’s get her into the White House already)

Nalani (means “heavens” and a little less heavy-handed than Neveah)

Unisex “N” names

Nile (in hopes that they’ll one day swim in it)

Nico (or Neko for extra-edgy vibes)

North (if it’s good enough for the Kardashians…)

Neci (means “fire” but much more subtle than naming your kid Blaze)

Niki (means “of the lord”)

Nour (an Arabic name meaning “light”)

Noel (perfect for winter/Christmas babies)

Nasim (means “fresh air” or “breeze” and just remember that while changing their diapers)

Nat (cute for Natalie, Nathan, Nathaniel, or on its own)

Noa (while Noah is traditionally masculine, Noa has been used for any gender)

Classic “N” names for boys

Nathan / Nathaniel (Hawthorne deserves a resurgence in 2020, no?)

Nicholas (Nickelby, Saint Nick, Nick Jonas, so many festive Nicks!)

Noah (meaning “repose, consolation, comfort,” this is one chill dude)

Neil (or Niall if you want to go all One Direction with it)

Nicky (if Nicholas was just too 18th-century Russia for ya)

Nelson (Mandela is a namesake for the ages)

Nigel (or go funky with Rigel, which is the name of the brightest star in Orion)

Neville (for Longbottom fans)

Norbert (means “shining from the north”)

Niccolo (means “victorious” and more melodious than Nicky)

Trendy “N” names for boys

Nolyn (or Nolan or Nolin, all variations of “noble”)

Noam (a little linguist in the making!)

Narayan (a Hindi name meaning “moving water”)

Naal (the name of an Irish saint, didn’t you know?)

Nuri (means “my fire” or “shining” for bright babes)

Nicodemus (complicated, yet catchy!)

Norvin (“friend from the north,” for when he moves to Mexico)

Niles (you don’t have to be a Frasier fan to love this one)

Newton (after Sir Isaac, or Thandie?)

Nevan (if Evan just felt too 2010 to you)

For more name inspiration, check out these celebrities’ weird but wonderful baby name choices.

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