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Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Is Not Letting Single Motherhood Stop Her From Having More Kids 

Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry is raising four kids as a single mom, but that’s not stopping her from living #momlife to the fullest. “I thought I would be like a walking zombie — just so tired,” Kailyn told E! News, in an exclusive interview about her postpartum experience thus far with one-month-old baby Creed. “But maybe I should credit my placenta pills and my placenta smoothie because I feel pretty damn good.”

With a newborn in tow, plus brothers Isaac Elliot, 10, Lincoln Marshall, 6, and Lux Russell, 2, the MTV star certainly has her hands full. And yet, she manages to get her responsibilities done all while documenting her life on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Yes, single motherhood comes with MANY challenges, but that just makes Lowry work harder to get things done. Because, frankly, who else will? “When you become a mom — especially a single mom — you just do it,” she explained. “You get up in the morning, put your big girl pants on and you figure it the f–k out. I think it’s not the greatest advice but it’s literally my life.” The reality star even admits having doubts about going through with her most recent pregnancy.

“I hid the pregnancy for so long just because I didn’t know what I was going to do — if I was going to keep the baby or not,” she told E!. “That was really heavy for me and I really, really was struggling during that time.”

It’s refreshing to see a celeb mom being so honest. But obviously, her advice to “just do it” isn’t one-size-fits all — especially for single parents with no childcare. According to E! News, the mom of four denies reports that she has a nanny. Her ex Chris Lopez, Creed’s father, is not in the picture, but Lowry does note that a friend has been helping her out with the kids. 

Still, Lowry tells E! News that she hopes her story encourages people to do what needs to be done for them and their kids — even if it’s not easy. “You find a way to do whatever needs to be done and for me, I’m going to figure it out. There’s no other option,” she says.

According to Lowry, single mom life also won’t stop her from dreaming up a big family. 

“I definitely don’t think that I’m done having kids,” she teased. “Before, I think [not having a girl] was something that motivated me but at this point, after having four boys, I wouldn’t mind either way if it’s a girl or a boy. I’ve always wanted a big family. They say when you know you’re done, you know, and I just know that I’m not done,” Lowry says.

Well Lowry, go forth and multiply — and good luck with all those diaper changes.

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