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Wait, Did Miranda Kerr Reveal Ex Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry’s Baby Name Two Weeks Ago?

Yesterday, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s new baby daughter’s adorably floral name, Daisy Dove Bloom, was revealed to the world. But now, fans are suspicious: Did Orlando Bloom’s ex (and his co-parent to son Flynn) Miranda Kerr actually stealth-reveal the name choice two weeks ago?

On August 14, Kerr posted an Instagram photo of her holding a lone daisy, just because — or as she put it, “a daisy for you to brighten your day.” And she was quick to comment on Bloom and Perry’s Instagram announcement of little Daisy Dove’s arrival on Thursday, August 27. “I‘m so happy for you guys. Can’t wait to meet her,” along with plenty of heart, rainbow, and prayer-hands emojis.

So it’s clear the exes (Bloom and Kerr were married for three years prior to their 2013 divorce) are on nice enough terms — but are they close enough that Kerr would be privy to Bloom’s baby name in advance of the birth? And if so, would she have the guts to pull a stealth-reveal?

Even if that daisy drop a couple weeks ago was indeed a name reveal, Kerr wasn’t the only one with seemingly psychic name knowledge regarding little Daisy Bloom: Radio host Amanda Holden completely guessed it out of the blue.

“I like Daisy Bloom,” she said while interviewing Katy Perry on her Heart Radio show. “Because I think the surname of Bloom, and Daisies and flowers.” 

At the time, we didn’t think much of it, but it seems like Perry already had the name picked when Holden tossed it out as an option. I mean, just look at her face!


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