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Chrissy Teigen’s Naked Bump Video Shows How Fast Baby No. 3 Is Growing

Soon after Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced this month that they’re expecting their third baby, folks (from fans to trolls to Teigen herself) have been commenting on Teigen’s bump-that-came-from-seemingly-nowhere.

“Look at this third baby shit,” Teigen exclaimed in a video she shared in Twitter on August 13, where her pregnant belly is showing beneath her leggings. “What the…oh my God,” she says. And, as we’ve written before, it’s totally normal for a second or third pregnancy to start showing quite large, quite suddenly, due to all kinds of reasons, from amniotic fluid amounts to the ligaments being relaxed from prior births.

Today, Teigen’s taking us a step further along her super-speed pregnancy body journey by sharing her first video of totally-bare Bump No. 3. In the video, which Teigen posted to her IG Stories, she’s naked except for an open robe, and she’s showing off her gorgeous, ever-growing belly.

“Wow. Third baby…grows fast. How is this possible??” she exclaims in the video. Honestly, we love that Teigen is just as shocked and impressed by her body as the rest of us.

chrissy teigen naked bump

But, again, reminder: Big bellies for third babies (or for any babies, for that matter) are completely normal. So are little bellies. And crooked bellies, and bellies where the baby’s foot is sticking up at an awkward angle so it looks like you’re pregnant with an alien. Our recurring PSA: Pregnant bodies are all different, and they’re all beautiful.

So ogle at Teigen’s beauty if you must, but any remaining bump-shamers out there have got to go.

We hope Teigen and Legend are going to bless us with yet another creative celebrity baby name for this one.

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