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Nikki Bella Just Shared Her Last Baby Bump Photo & It’s a Sweet Tribute to Her Fiancé

Nikki Bella is one proud mama — and fiancée! The Total Bellas star, who gave birth to her first baby on July 31st, took to Instagram for just the second time since welcoming her son to congratulate her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, on his return to Dancing With the Stars. She did it in the best way possible, too, sharing a series of 10 photos that started out sweet and turned… we’re just gonna say it: sexy. Because daddy Artem’s got some abs. But let’s get back to that first one: Nikki shared a beautiful photo of one of the last moments of her pregnancy, with Chigvintsev cradling her belly with both of his hands, their foreheads touching, and smiles on their faces.

“Congratulations Daddy!! We are so happy and proud of you! We can’t wait to watch you dance every Monday night on @dancingabc❤️✨🕺🏼,” she began the caption.

As the Bella twin goes on to explain, it was actually her last baby bump photo, and it’s such a rare, sweet, intimate moment in their life together. Those are the smiles of two people who just know their lives are about to change. “This photo was taken after my water broke and we were headed to the hospital,” she wrote. “(Thank you Brie for telling us to take it, crazy it’s the last photo of my bump! Awww!! 😅😭)”

Side note here: Seriously, let’s take a moment and give props to Brie Bella, as Nikki did, for the heads-up to snap that last bump pic — because that’s exactly the kind of thing you don’t think about when you’re in that oh my God this is really happening phase, but totally wish you had afterward. #SecondTimePreggoWisdom.

As for the rest of the photos in the series? Well, Bella said it best. Let’s all celebrate with a timeline of Artem’s abs, indeed. “I feel a celebration is in order for @theartemc! Along with popping a bottle of Dom P later, let’s celebrate a timeline of his abs 🤤 he’s gonna kill me lol but my man is a SNACK! Swipe left and enjoy! 😍🤑🥂🔥🕺🏼”

Who’s hungry?

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