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Trolls Think Chrissy Teigen’s Suddenly-Big Pregnant Belly is a Fake, But It’s Totally Normal

It’s been a whirlwind week of Teigen-Legend baby news, y’all. And just one day after the world was aflutter with the stealth-reveal that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their third baby, Teigen has taken to Twitter to not-so-stealthily reveal her pregnant belly.

Back in 2018, Teigen told People she never wanted to do the embryo-harvesting process again. “You do the whole process again to try to get as many embryos and eggs as possible,” she said. “Everyone is freezing everything and then you make the embryos out of what you freeze and try to make viable, perfect embryos.”

And apparently there was at least one perfect embryo left, because Teigen is most certainly pregnant. On Friday, she tweeted a video that’s pure proof.

“Look at this third baby shit,” exclaims Teigen in the video, where she shows off her majorly burgeoning bump in a full-length mirror. “What the…oh my God.”

Her commentary can feel pretty on-the-nose for folks who have been pregnant multiple times and noticed that those second, third, fourth etc. baby bumps seem to show up fast. And large. Unfortunately, this tendency can also lead to a lot of totally inappropriate bump-shaming from friends and family who remember your previous pregnancy not being so, um, quite robust? And it looks like Teigen has been experiencing this already, with folks on Twitter claiming she’s faking her pregnancy simply because she just suddenly started showing.

Patricia A. Evans, nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife, told SheKnows that there are a ton of reasons a pregnant person’s belly might measure larger than people expect (and, yes, larger than previous pregnancies). For one thing, your abdominal muscles are likely to be weaker if you’ve already stretched that thing out throughout multiple previous pregnancies like Teigen has. Plus, maybe the baby’s in a different position, maybe there are high levels of amniotic fluid, maybe you’re further along in pregnancy than you initially thought…the list goes on, and it’s all totally normal.

“If your OB provider feels your baby is measuring too large, an ultrasound may be ordered to estimate your baby’s weight,” says Evans. “But the majority of the time, your baby may simply be on the bigger side and still be healthy and normal.”

Of course, in Teigen’s case it’s simply too early to tell much about her fetus — but we hope she knows how very common, normal, and beautiful this larger-than-we-remembered “third baby shit” really is.

Luckily, it seems she’s got some supportive (and educated!) followers in her corner, including those who have been through it themselves. Ah, pregnant bellies! They’re wonderful, and they’re oh-so weird.

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