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Chloë Sevigny’s Postpartum Body & Brain Are Throwing Her for a Loop

Actor Chloë Sevigny thought she didn’t have “enough patience” to be a mother, she told Emmy magazine of her pre-baby presumption of herself. It turns out, none of us really knows what we’ll be like as parents until we’re parents, and since Sevigny became a mom to son Vanja in May, she’s found out some new things about herself.

“It will be 7 o’clock and I’m like, ‘What happened to the day? I haven’t even bathed. I haven’t even bathed him,'” she told Emmy, according to Us Weekly. “I’ve always been good at managing a lot. But I don’t know what happened. That aspect of my personality is gone.”

Oh, boy, can we relate. Time takes on a completely different meaning with a newborn around. Wait until she has a toddler!

That’s not all that’s changed for Sevigny, who stars in next month’s HBO miniseries We Are Who We Are. As she raises her son with boyfriend Siniša Mačković in New York City during a pandemic, she has become protective, to say the least.

“Walking down the street, you see people without masks, and you think, ‘What’s the trajectory of their spit? The baby’s in a carriage — is it falling onto him?’” she said of her inner monologue. “It’s easy to be paranoid.”

Having been a willowy fashion muse her whole life, she also found herself puzzled by her new, postpartum body.

“I know it’s all relative,” she said. “But it’s like, ‘How do I dress? Do I do body con? Do I do loose and flowy?’ But then I just look bigger.”

We all missed a great opportunity to discover how Sevigny dressed during pregnancy. According to a recent Instagram post, she donated some maternity clothing to a sidewalk sale in the Brooklyn to raise money for victims of the Lebanon explosions. Better luck next time!

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