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Katy Perry Says Her Job During Sister’s Home Water Birth Was ‘Holding Her Leg Back’

Judging by Katy Perry’s recent very-pregnant Instagram posts, the pop star is just about ready to give birth and be done with this whole gestating-a-human thing. But is she really ready? Well, it turns out Perry, who’s pregnant with her first child with Orlando Bloom, is much more of a birth expert than we’d previously thought. The singer shared with the Los Angeles Times this week that she actually attended — nay, participated in! — her sister’s two water births. At home.

Perry’s key role during these births? “Holding her leg back,” she told the publication. Talk about sisterly dedication. I mean, I didn’t even arrive at my sister’s birth until her kid was a couple hours out and already clean (but I blame the Metro North trains for that, sorry sis).

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Still, despite her up-close and personal experience with childbirth prior to becoming pregnant herself, Perry did worry that she wasn’t as maternal as her sister, and might not be quite cut out for parenthood (a worry I’m pretty sure every mother on the planet has had).

“Five years ago, I would be like, ‘Get this out of me,’” she told the Times of being pregnant. “But I traced back the reasons I felt insecure about it from my own upbringing. And then I reprogrammed them. Our brain is really malleable. You can reshape it any time you want.”

She also noted last month to Australian radio’s Kyle and Jackie O that she’s really grateful for her pregnant body and what it’s able to accomplish: “I have so much respect for women and obviously going through this process you get a whole new viewpoint,” she told the hosts.

In Perry’s recent LA Times interview, she added that she’s psyched to be a different kind of mother than her own — to raise her daughter “differently than the way I was raised.” Notably, she wants her daughter to grow up with “choice and freedom of thought.”

Sounds like Perry is pretty darn ready to be a mom after all. Maybe all that leg-holding helped.

We also bet KP will waste no time talking to her kid about racism, like these celebs.

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