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Ciara Twerked Like a Goddess 2 Days Before Giving Birth in ‘Rooted’ Video

If, at nine-plus months pregnant, all you feel like doing is sitting on the couch, we feel you. But you might also find yourself an all-powerful goddess like Ciara, who was able to dance up a storm for her just-dropped “Rooted” video two days before she gave birth.

“ATL bred I’m #Rooted. Shot this video 2 days before delivery, Covid style!” the singer wrote on Instagram, sharing a clip of herself twerking on a diving board. This is just one of the incredible scenes she filmed showing off her magnificent bump for the video. We knew she was in great shape during her pregnancy with her third child, Win Harrison, who was born last month, but we didn’t know she could move like this.

I remember dancing at a party at five months pregnant and having concerned family members stop me, saying I somehow was going to hurt myself or my baby. How I wish I had something like this to show them!

In another scene from the video, she sits in a wicker throne in a field with son Future and daughter Sienna at her side.

“Mother of a child of God, I invest in ’em/ Nutritionin’, brown milk in ’em,” she says in the song, which also features Ester Dean.

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#Rooted 8.13.20

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But Ciara and her family aren’t the only stars of this video, highlighting Black pride. There are scenes of young people dancing in the street, and others of people at Black Lives Matter protests. And playing on the double meaning of the song’s title, Ciara and her dancers model a number of Black hairstyles.

The chorus of the song celebrates both kinds of roots:

“Young girl, stay rooted
I done plant my seeds, a now I’m rooted
Brown skin poppin’, I’m rooted
Can’t pull the hood out me, I’m rooted
Rooted, nappy head rooted
I done plant my seeds now I’m rooted
Brown skin poppin’, I’m rooted
ATL bred, I’m rooted
Rooted, nappy head rooted.”

After the video, there’s a text dedication: “To all my young Rosas and young Luthers, keep marching. Don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. To all my Black queens and kings, continue to plant and spread seeds of love, hope and pride in your tribe. Everything you need to survive and thrive is rooted in you. Stay rooted.”

While we’re celebrating mothers, enjoy these gorgeous photos of public breastfeeding protests for World Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

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