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Colorful Pipe Cleaners That Are Perfect for Crafts

Pipe cleaners used to be for, well, cleaning smoking pipes. Although there are still pipes to be cleaned somewhere, these craft pipe cleaners probably won’t get the job done. The original pipe cleaners removed moisture and residue. The cleaners today, made out of nylon and polyester, are designed for kids. We don’t know how that happened. Maybe someone handed a kid a pipe cleaner to play with. That’s our best guess. Regardless of how it happened, these bendy, slightly fuzzy tools have become a major part of crafting. You won’t open a parent’s craft drawer without finding at least one of these guys. Finding the right pipe cleaner is important, though. You don’t want a set that’s too delicate, or they’ll snap when your child is in the middle of making a squiggly pig’s tail. 

That’s why we rounded up the best pipe cleaners for you. We’ve got sets with a handful of pipe cleaners or sets that have more than 1,000. The latter are ideal for teachers who want to buy in bulk. All of these pipe cleaners are durable, and they come in so many fun colors. Those bright shades will help inspire kids to make wildly creative creations.

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1. Anvin Pipe Cleaners

What’s better than bright, fuzzy pipe cleaners? Sparkly pipe cleaners. You get 100 pipe cleaners with 10 different colors, ranging from sparkly blue to sparkly silver. Made out of wire and fiber, it’s easy to twist these pipe cleaners into just about any shape. They’re also easy to cut through, unlike others. There are six different multi-colored sets to choose from.

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Courtesy of Anvin.
Anvin Pipe Cleaners $6.99 on

2. Caydo 324 Pieces Pipe Cleaners

Your child’s imagination will go wild with this kit. There are 27 colors represented in this pipe cleaner set—far more than are in the rainbow—so they can create almost anything. The flexible pipe cleaners are fuzzy and won’t break no matter how many shapes your child twists it into. If you don’t want 324 pipe cleaners, you can order as little as 100 and as many as 1300 with these comprehensive sets.

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Courtesy of Caydo.
Caydo 324 Pieces Pipe Cleaners $9.99 on

3. Carl & Kay 348 Pipe Cleaners

There are a total of 29 colors represented in this set of 348 pipe cleaners. That’s more colors than there are in the rainbow. That’s not all this set comes with, though. The pipe cleaner set also comes with 48 adhesive craft eyes, which come in four different sizes. Your kids will have so much creating pipe cleaner critters.

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Image: Carl & Kay. Carl & Kay.
Carl & Kay 348 Pipe Cleaners $11.97 on

4. Darice, White, Mor Chenille Stems

If you’re looking to get a single-color pipe cleaner for a project, look no further. Measuring 12 in. long and 6 mm. in width, the pipe cleaners are made for crafting. These bendy pipe cleaners are made for kids ages 8 and up. They’re available in sets as small as 25 and as large as 350. You can also choose from different colors, like blue or white.

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Courtesy of Darice.
Darice, White, Mor Chenille Stems $7.99 on

5. Pipe Cleaners – 350 pcs Chenille Stems for DIY Art

These fuzzy pipe cleaners boast a bendable stem. You’ll get a crisp and precise bend for all of your crafting products. There are so many colors in this set that your child’s imagination can truly run wild. It also comes with access to some pipe cleaner craft video tutorials.

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Pipe Cleaners - 350 pcs Chenille Stems for DIY Art on

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