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Nikki Bella Reveals Her Absolute Favorite Motherhood Moments — So Far

The Bella Twins’ baby boys are coming up on a week old (already!), and as we’re eagerly hoping for more sweet photos and awaiting news of what Brie and Nikki Bella’s baby names will be, we’re starting to get more details on what these early days of motherhood have been like from first-time mama Nikki.

The Total Bellas star took to her Instagram stories yesterday to share how she’s feeling — as well as her “absolute favs” about motherhood, five days in. “Exhausted but BEYOND HAPPY,” she wrote. “It makes me emotional how in love with my baby boy I am! I barely sleep to just be with him every second!” She continued, “Breast feeding sessions, skin to skin bonding and just starring [sic] at each other are some of my absolute favs so far!”

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Nikki Bella/Instagram.

Awwwww. We’ve got those new-mom feels all over again just reading these heartfelt words and seeing that selfie of the gorgeously glowing (and yes, maybe a little tired) mama. And anyone who’s breast-fed a baby knows that, despite all of the amazing inventions that have made it easier over the years, getting the hang of it can be a challenge for both mom and baby, so we’re happy to hear that it has been a positive experience for Nikki.

This isn’t the first time the new mom has shared her postpartum thoughts on social media — earlier this week, the Bella twin tweeted about her excitement at having the “Bellas boys” grow up together, and wrote, “The last few days have been truly incredible! Such a beautiful learning experience, still is, and wow a love like this! Everything you all have said it would be! I’ve never smiled so much with such little sleep. I’m in heaven! I’m so happy!!”

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