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These Mom Memes About Kids Finally (Or Not) Going Back to School Are Hilarious

The news about what’s happening with our children’s school this fall changes much faster than we can even write about it. I laugh now at the fact that we naively planned this feature to be about how relieved parents were to be able to send their kids back to classrooms this month and next. (And on the inside, I cry.) Even those parents who are sending their children to school probably aren’t feeling any kind of lighthearted relief at the moment. Not the mood one meme’d about in the beforetimes, at any rate.

As we all shake our heads, pull our hair out, rearrange our lives to figure out some way to take care of our children and make sure they learn something this year, whether that’s through homeschool, distance learning, socially distanced classrooms, or all of the above, there is a silver lining to this murky, black-clouded moment. In our midst, there are parents who are also damn funny comedians, and they are finding a way to share their gift with us. We thought they’d be posting memes of wild celebrations and wine-drinking as they sent their kids off to the first day of school — after those perfectly styled chalkboard photos, of course. Instead, they are making us cackle with glee with wildly relatable laments about homeschooling and working from home with kids who won’t get out of our hair.

Here are some of their funnier versions of the realities we’re all living right now.

Momtransparenting’s Nicole Pecoraro on our failures to homeschool effectively:

Dr. Ira Savetsky and Marriage and Martinis depict how we’ve handled things so far:

Elizabeth Hanif nails why federal and local officials are jerking us around with their school-opening decisions:

Audacity Magazine has an apt argument for people who think schools should open at any cost:

FilterFreeParenting and BSinEducation have us laughing and crying at the uncertainty of everything:

Our reaction to discovering that our kids’ school isn’t opening yet may be like StyledByShishi’s Shiran or Mommymemejeans2’s Carly’s, or both:

Or we’re bracing ourselves to send our kids to school, like Gila Pfeffer:

Krayons.n.tequila’s Ashley and BSineducation have some spot-on predictions of what will happen when schools open:

Michelle Dempsey-Multack had us pausing our laughter to shed a little tear, because our emotions are so mixed up about all this:

But WorkWifeCollective gets our determination to make this work:

And RamblinMama reminds us that this isn’t entirely unprecedented:

Anyway, as Sonja here points out, we’ll eventually be able to look back at all this with humor, maybe:

Whatever happens during and after this strange back-to-school season, the great wide parenting community of the internet will be for each other. Let’s hope there’s more to laugh about than cry over in the months to come.

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