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Ashley Graham Shares Cute But Painful-Looking Photo of Son Breastfeeding

Since she had baby Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin in January, Ashley Graham has been our public breastfeeding hero. Based on her latest Instagram post, she’s not backing down on that status anytime soon. Definitely not if little Isaac has anything to say about it. Anyone who doesn’t want to #normalizebreastfeeding is going to have to go through him and his iron grip first.

“After pool chilaxin,” Graham captioned a series of three photos of herself breastfeeding her 7-month-old son.

Maybe the model and podcaster was relaxing, but her son appears to be anything but chill as he eats. As her close-up pics show, the little guy is grasping Graham’s “talented” boob (her words, not ours) as if he fears someone might take it away from him before he’s finished.

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after pool chilaxin

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We wouldn’t dare, Isaac! We especially know that a baby who is in the early stages of sleep-training as he is needs a full tummy. But from the comments on Graham’s Instagram, it appears that some prudes who don’t understand what it is to feed a baby would very much like her to do so away from the camera.

“I love you and it’s your IG but too much,” Jadeloveswe commented on the post, setting off a thread of more than 150 replies as viewers went back and forth about whether it’s appropriate to show a baby breastfeeding.

“She’s feeding her baby. How is that too much?” Shesarealtreat wanted to know.

The argument devolved from there, and there’s no need to recap it. It’s just a bit astonishing to see that there are people who will go to a mom’s Instagram just to say things like this when they could just as easily, you know, not look. Also, by the way, the photos don’t even show any nipple — that functional part of the breast that some people really find offensive for some reason.

All we’d like to add here is that we hope Isaac isn’t pinching too hard on his mama, because — youch, that can really hurt!

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