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The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Gave Her Baby Boy the Cutest Grandpa Name

There’s no shame in waiting until you get it right. That goes for so many things in life, but for the time being we’re talking about the fact that Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, waited five whole days after the birth of their baby boy to give him a name.

“Only took us 5 days, but this baby’s got a name 🤗 Welcome to the world, Frankie J!” Martinez, who gave birth at home on Friday,  wrote on Instagram Wednesday night. His full name, as indicated on a name tag he’s wearing in the photo, is Franklin James.

Franklin is an old English name that means “free man.” If that sounds like something your grandfather might be named, you’re right. According to the Social Security Administration, Franklin was at its most popular in the 1930s, peaking at #33 in 1933. Which, of course, means it’s about time for a resurgence. Though it was only at #435 in 2018 (and the shorter Frank is slightly more popular), reports that 657 of its members have it on their favorite names list.

We think Franklin James, or Frankie J., pairs perfectly with Ruth Ray de la Luz, his 1-year-old big sister’s name. (His dad’s nickname for him, Old Bob, also would have worked.)

“My grandma and grandpa’s names were Frank and Ruth,” follower @elliemay08 commented on Martinez’s post.

One person did express a twinge of disappointment at her name choice. Fellow Bachelor alum Nick Viall replied to her post, joking, “Nick would have been better but fine.”

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