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Rachel McAdams Started Filming Again — With Her Baby, in Iceland

When most of us moms go back to work after maternity leave, we’re leaving behind a teensy 11- or 12-week-old (if we’re lucky — about a quarter of moms are forced to go back to work two weeks after giving birth, simply because they don’t get paid leave). This was not the case for Rachel McAdams.

In fact, our favorite Mean Girls actor didn’t return to work until her son was “almost 2,” she told Entertainment Tonight this week. And when she did head back on set, she brought the little guy with her — to Iceland, no less.

“He’ll never remember any of it, but I feel like somehow that might stick to his soul and his personality a little bit, so it was great to get to travel,” she told the publication of bringing the little guy to the frozen north to film her new comedy, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. “We’ve been cuddled up for so long together that it was wonderful to go out into the world and get to work at the same time. I felt really lucky to be able to do that.”

Um, breaking a 2-year-long maternity leave with a family work trip to Iceland? Sounds about like the best of every possible world.

“I got a lot of time off beforehand so I was pretty ready to go back by the time I did,” McAdams added of her extremely-long-by-U.S.-standards-but-really-we’re-just-jealous maternity leave. And hey, at least she acknowledges her privilege in being able to do this — both the long leave and the return to work with tot in tow.

And if you’re raising an eyebrow at our excessive use of “tot” and “son” and “baby” here with no names, you’re right in guessing that it’s because McAdams is still keeping that info a secret.

“I want to keep his life private, even if mine isn’t,” she told The Sunday Times after she and boyfriend Jamie Linden welcomed the little guy in 2018.

McAdams is just one of many celeb moms — including Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union — who are fighting to normalize bringing kids on set in Hollywood. After all, if these famous moms can show the Hollywood head honchos that it is possible to breastfeed your baby one minute and be a badass on set the next, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us working moms who just want a bit more flexibility with our hours. And, you know, a place to pump that’s not a bathroom or a stairwell.

McAdams has a pretty sweet working-mom deal. So do the poor souls in these hilarious working-mom stock photos.

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