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Alyssa Milano Carrying Around Her Huge 9-Year-Old is So Many of Us Moms

If there’s one true Catch-22 of parenting, it’s that we love watching our kids grow up into independent, creative personalities who only belong to themselves — and yet, we also secretly want them to stay little and snuggly forever. Or maybe it’s just me? Well, it’s clear I at least have Alyssa Milano with me on Team Parenting Nostalgia, because the actor just posted a photo of her carrying her quite giant 9-year-old human being around. Because, like I said, snuggles.

“I can still hold him,” Milano wrote in the caption accompanying the photo of her carrying son Milo Thomas Bugliari, who turns 9 this summer. “I’m terrified I won’t remember the very last time I held him. So every once and a while I hold him and I try and make a mental note of the day and time just in case it’s the last. I wish I remembered the last time I breast fed him but he weaned himself one day out of the clear blue sky.”

Girl, you and me both. It’s a sentiment plenty of parents can relate to — wanting to mark every first/last/important moment, but also realizing that very often, the best thing we can do as parents is just be fully present in those moments without marking them at all.

SHE Media BlogHer Health alumna Milano has long been one of our favorite feminist moms, and it’s clear she’s instilling values of community, advocacy, and more in her kids.

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My boy. My beautiful boy.

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“I’m raising [my kids] to know that there is no other option [than to contribute to society],” she told Parents. “To be a productive member of society, you have to help and give back. I tell them that we’re very blessed and there are people in this world who are not, so we need to share our blessings with those people. It’s not a choice… We can’t just wake up and expect a teenager to care. We have to instill these values at a young age.”

A mom who’s teaching her kids about community, caring, and cuddles? Sounds like Milano is winning at parenting, in our book.

Alyssa Milano and other celeb moms got really real about breastfeeding, here.

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