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Ginger Zee on IG Live With Sam Heughan is Every Mom Mid-Pandemic (Minus Sam, That Is)

Good Morning America host Ginger Zee interviewed Outlander’s Sam Heughan on an IG Live today, where she showed us how moms are crushing the multi-tasking game during this strange quarantine time. (Or is the game crushing moms? Could be either, could be both!)

Over the course of the IG Live, Zee legit drinks whiskey, makes a dessert, homeschools her child and talks to Heughan all at once, all with a smile. The night before the interview, Zee even did some prep work for the interview where she toasted some oats to soak in whiskey overnight. A mom taking the time to toast oats in the middle of a pandemic?? There should be an award for that.

Four months ago, if someone had said, “Your average work day will now include you doing an interview from your basement, cooking, interviewing, homeschooling, wrangling your dog, and drinking whiskey before 11 a.m. and all in one shot,” Zee would not have believed it. But that’s what this pandemic has brought to parenting, folks: Complete mayhem.

At the start of the live, Zee and Heughan set up their respective kitchen sets in their houses to make a Scottish boozy dessert known as Cranachan. Heughan’s was decked out with his Sassenach Whisky and Zee was in her basement kitchen, with her young son on his computer on one side, her dog on the other, and still somehow she managed to make a boozy dessert and field questions from IG Live users for Heughan.

Zee also whips out her electric whisker thing (I cook a lot, can you tell?) during the dessert-making. As she’s whisking, she reads Heughan fan questions, and then those two whiskey nerds talk about their oats. Like a real deep dive on it.

Zee tells Heughan she was impressed by his prep work: “You had already started soaking your oats.” That’s what she said. That didn’t make sense. But she did say it. She also asked Heughan, “How’s your whipping?” His whipping wasn’t as good as hers, because he had a non-electric whisk.

At one point, Zee says to her son, “Say bye to Ms. Giana.” (Apologies if that is spelled wrong to Ms. Giana, it was hard to hear! I’m not Ginger Zee, I can’t do everything!) Then in the next breath she responds to Heughan’s question about how much whiskey they should add to their dessert. Answer: a lot, “to loosen it up.”

As Zee and Heughan decide to taste the finished product, Zee says to her dog, “Brando, can you back up please?” And then reveals to Heughan that her dog will probably knock everything over.

And to add another level to the pandemonium, Zee actually got shamed by some IG live viewers who thought she wasn’t wearing a bra. Um. Is she not handling enough right now? Spoiler alert: We all have nipples. Moving on.

So let’s be honest, Zee slayed the multi-tasking mom game. Perhaps the new word for being a parent who does 5,000 things at once in the middle of pandemic should be called, “Zee-ing” it. As Heughan and Zee said at the end of their live, as they did a virtual cheers of their boozy desserts, “Slainte” — to all the moms out there drinking whiskey and oats for breakfast, educating their kids, doing their jobs, and still smiling. (It’s okay if you’re crying through it all too. We all are).

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