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Brie & Nikki Bella Have an Unusual Baby Shower Request We Love

Our favorite simultaneously pregnant twins are at it again: posting gorgeous (not naked, this time) pregnant pics on Instagram. But there’s something extra special about their latest post, and no, it’s not just that they’re wearing clothes. Brie Bella posted on Instagram this week to draw attention to the fact that pregnant mothers worldwide are facing a stunning lack of resources — and she and Nikki are committed to helping out starting with their own baby shower.

Rather than asking shower (or virtual shower, who knows?) attendees to regale their own soon-to-be-babies with gifts, the Bella twins are asking for folks to send gifts to mothers in need, with the help of UNICEF.

“As sisters, we couldn’t be happier going through this pregnancy journey together,” Brie wrote on Instagram (the twins are just a week apart in their pregnancies, at 31 and 32 weeks). “But for expecting mothers all over the world, a lack of resources and support can make this experience daunting. That’s why this year, our baby shower will look a little different. With @UNICEFUSA we’re calling on our amazing fans to join us in sending ‘inspired gifts’ to families who need them most. From lifesaving essentials for a newborn to colorful play blocks and balls, these gifts will not only help a child survive, but thrive.”

And in an era when so many children are at risk — whether because of COVID or because of the police brutality that persists, even against children — helping one more child thrive is no small feat. Here’s to the Bellas — and every pregnant person, whose babies deserve more than mere survival.

If you’re planning your own virtual baby shower, here’s everything you need to make it just as good as the real thing.

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