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Easy-to-Install Cloth Diaper Sprayers to Keep Things Fresh

As cute and cuddly as babies are, let’s face it: they’re messy. From spitting up to nonstop diaper changes, your day is often a constant rotation of changing your shirt and changing their diapers. All the clean ups can use a lot of water and resources, but there are some ways to at least make it easier on yourself when it comes to cleaning up messy diapers — from blowouts to solids. One of the most life-saving additions to add to your bathroom is a cloth diaper sprayer to keep things fresh without having to scrub your hand away.

Not only are cloth diaper sprayers great for your baby’s soiled diapers, but these bidet sprayers are great for your entire family too so you can lighten up on toilet paper usage. These cloth diaper sprayers are easy to install and allow you to adjust the pressure so you can remove solids from a diaper without having to scrub with your hands. Below, we’ve rounded up the best cloth diaper sprayers to make cleaning up just about everything at home a lot easier.

This story was originally published in May 2020.

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1. Yawenner Sprayer

Aside from making cleaning diapers with solid messes inside easier, one of these cloth diaper sprayers, also known as a bidet sprayer, can be used for a myriad of purposes, so you’re making a good investment. Sprayers are great for postpartum needs or while you’re pregnant and are great for the entire family to use to lighten up on using toilet paper. This sprayer can be mounted on the wall or toilet for convenience.

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2. Purgwei Handheld Sprayer

If you’re looking for a cloth diaper sprayer that’s lightweight and easy to use, this sprayer will make your life easier. This handheld sprayer is easy to install and and features adjustable water pressures so you can ensure you have the control you need to do what you need to do. It’s made with lead-free brass, which is extra durable and less likely to corrode. The hose is made with high-quality braiding that protects against potential leaks.

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3. PurrfectZone Sprayer

As goofy as they may seem, cloth diaper sprayers are a true luxury. What’s better than feeling clean? This handheld bidet sprayer requires little touch to get it started and it’s easy to install. It’ll go as light or heavy as you need it to, so you can customize the pressure based on how bad the mess is. You can even help reduce your footprint by using less toilet paper if you have the family use a sprayer more often when they go to the bathroom.

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