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Pence Press Secretary Katie Miller Is Pregnant & Coronavirus-Free

Two and a half weeks after the announcement that she had tested positive for coronavirus, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller tweeted that she has recovered from COVID-19. The wife of White House senior advisor Stephen Miller also threw in another bit of news: She’s pregnant.

“Back at work today after three NEGATIVE COVID tests,” Miller wrote on Tuesday. “Thank you to all my amazing doctors and everyone who reached out with support. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband who took great care of his pregnant wife. #TransitionToGreatness”

When Miller and a White House valet tested positive for the virus earlier this month, it inadvertently highlighted what should happen in order for Americans to return to school and work safely during the pandemic. Employees in the administration are tested regularly, allowing them to go into quarantine before they develop symptoms, preventing further spread of the virus.

Miller, who became Pence’s press secretary last October, married Stephen Miller in February. Her husband is considered to be the architect of Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies, including family separations at the border. This connection was not lost on Twitter users.

“Your husband’s policy was to separate babies from their moms,” EyesofSurprise replied to Miller’s tweet. “Just for cruelty. With NO plan to ever reunite them. Think about that after you’re a mom.”

“Congratulations,” added Gina Gardner. “May you and your husband allow parenthood to transform you. The deep love you feel can help you see EVERY human matters to someone, and should to all of us. People hate the politics that prove otherwise and we see destroy lives. Please try to see the other side.”

Having contracted COVID-19, Miller may be joining other pregnant people waiting to see how the virus may impact her and her baby’s health. A recent study found that the coronavirus may damage the placenta, due to problems with blood coagulation and blood vessel injury.

If Miller needs any advice, she can turn to these celebrities’ sage words about childbirth.

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