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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard’s 5-Year-Old Still Wears Diapers & They’re Cool With It

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s daughter Delta may well turn six years old in diapers, and that’s totally fine by them. Bell told Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson on this week’s Momsplaining with Kristen Bell episode that “currently, my youngest is 5 and a half, still in diapers.”

“My oldest daughter at 21 months, we merely suggested that she us the toilet in the other room and [she] never wore another diaper beyond that,” Bell told viewers. “We were lying in bed giggling about this, my husband and I, like, ‘Why does everyone make a big deal out of this potty training? It’s so easy. Just tell the kid to use the toilet.’”

“It’s real relative, isn’t it?” Rudolph asked regarding the difference between Delta and Lincoln’s potty-training attitudes.

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“Yes, because every kid is so different,” said Bell.

And it sounds like Bell’s chill attitude towards her diaper-wearing kindergartener is actually just the right way to go. According to family psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish, the last thing you want to do is shove your kid towards toilet-training before they’re actually ready.

“Never push or force potty training,” Walfish told SheKnows. “Toilet training is one of only four crucial developmental milestones [eating, sleeping, talking and elimination] where parents and children can get stuck in a power struggle/battle.”

“There are very few things kids must be in control of,” she adds. “Their bodies are one of them. If your child gets the idea that you are too invested in them becoming toilet-trained, they will use it against you.”

Given the fact that Bell and Shepard’s daughters have already plotted to glue their dad’s butt cheeks together, we’re pretty sure these little badasses would have no qualms about entering a potty battle with no holds barred. So it’s probably for the best that Bell is avoiding that battle entirely.

As for Delta, we’re sure she’ll make friends with the potty once she’s good and ready. And it’s not like she’s behind on other milestones; in fact, given her recent invention of a coronavirus “vaccine” she may well be a genius?

Dax Shepard is in good company on our list of favorite famous fathers.

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