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Jamie Lynn Spears Says She Can’t Keep Up With Her 11-Year-Old’s TikTok Dance Moves

By now, every parent has pretty much pinpointed our quarantine skills and not-so-skills. Some of us (like me, who knew?) turn out to be great at giving quarantine haircuts! Others, like, say, Jessica Alba, turn them into a bloody mess. Yikes.

And while we personally think mom and Sweet Magnolias actor (and, of course, Sister of Britney) Jamie Lynn Spears has some major TikTok dance skills, she admitted at our SHE Media #BlogHer20 Healthy at Home conference this week that she struggles to keep up with her kid on the ‘tok. Apparently 11-year-old Maddie takes TikTok very seriously, and so Spears is simply following suit.

“There’s a whole different set of rules for this, and I’m learning from an 11-year-old,” Spears confessed to BlogHer viewers on May 20. “My daughter doesn’t have her own TikTok account, but we’ve found it a great tool to bond…to do something different, and laugh at ourselves. And y’all, it’s hard!”

Hell yes it is. Dancing to our own online Zumba workouts, alone with the camera turned off (what? It’s a thing I do and I love it) is hard enough without an energetic, bendy-bodied tween to try to keep up with. We feel you, Jamie. 

We had to know: Does her daughter pick out all the dances they do together?

“Yeah,” Spears answered. “Apparently there are popular dances, and people you’re supposed to follow… I don’t understand it, but I’m just taking advice from my expert: my 11-year-old. It’s a new world!”

Spears certainly doesn’t hate it, even though it’s pretty difficult.

“It’s fun! I feel so proud of myself if I get it right once. People are like, ‘Y’all aren’t smiling in your videos.’ I’m like, ‘THAT’S BECAUSE I’M TAKING THIS SO SERIOUSLY,'” she laughs.

But Spears is committed to seeing this bonding activity through, however strenuous. “At the end of the day, it’s something she likes to do and something fun for us to do together,” she told BlogHer viewers. “It’s good to laugh, especially in times like this.”

As hard as TikTok may be for us Olds to understand, boogying down with our kids and laughing at ourselves is something every quarantined parent-child team can get behind.

If TikTok isn’t quite your thing, these kid-friendly YouTube exercise videos will still get the whole family moving at home.

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