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Kristen Bell Outs the ‘Quarantine Diva’ of Her Household

When this pandemic is finally over (when?!?), we can safely say that Kristen Bell won’t be deciding to keep her kids home to experience the purported benefits of homeschooling over an institutional education. Teaching daughters Delta and Lincoln has turned the normally sunshine-y, glass-half-full actor into someone more like … us. It also seems like the girls have been schooling their mom, more than anything.

On E!’s Daily Pop, host Scott Tweedie (rather naively) asked Bell what the best and worst part of homeschooling has been.

“There’s not really a best part,” Bell said. “I guess a good part is realizing my daughters learn differently.”

That does seem like something that’s good to know about your kids. She may have learned that when her 7-year-old daughter Lincoln was practicing opinion writing last month and revealed that Bell has “bad reactions” when teaching her. “And the evidence was, ‘She uses a stern voice, she doesn’t believe in me, and she has no patience.'”

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that wasn’t the only reason Bell said on a recent Momsplaining episode featuring Ashley Graham: “Of course, we’ve all come to know the two worst words in the human language: Home schooling.”

But when Tweedie asked who the “quarantine diva” in her household is, the answer was not Lincoln. It’s not even husband Dax Shepard, though we bet he can be a handful, too.

“My 5-year-old, without question,” Bell said of Delta. We’re going to need more details on that one. Delta did discover the coronavirus vaccine, however, so maybe that diva behavior is justified?

Despite all this, Bell’s positive spirit hasn’t entirely been crushed. The generous star was on the E! program to promote her work with La-Z-Boy to give furniture to health-care workers. Then she admitted that overall, she doesn’t hate being stuck at home.

“I gotta say, I’ve loved the fact that our life has kind of gotten smaller,” she told E!. “Our whole tribe just stays in and plays a game at night.”

If you’d like to do the same (do you even have a choice?), here are our favorite board games for family game night.

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