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Jessica Alba Just Cut Daughter Honor’s Hair & Things Got Bloody

We’ve been social distancing for more than two months, and it will be much longer before many of us feel comfortable going to a hair salon, let alone taking our kids to one. That may mean it’s time to take the plunge, bite the bullet, grab the bull by its excessively long locks — whatever your cliché of choice is — and cut their hair ourselves. Jessica Alba finally did so for all three of her kids, but not without a bit of sacrifice.

“I bow down to hairdressers,” Alba says in the beginning of a video she posted to her YouTube channel on Sunday. “That is really not easy at all. Especially with impatient kids who are not trying to sit still.”

The driving force behind Alba taking up this new skill — as if acting and running Honest Company isn’t enough — was the fact that eldest daughter Honor had to have her sixth grade “senior” photos taken. Alba said Honor hadn’t had a haircut in “maybe a year and a half,” so the 11-year-old was long overdue for this trim.

Lucky for Alba — or actually, lucky for her kids — she had a secret weapon in her pocket: Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin was there on video chat to guide her through each step.

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily turn to this video for lessons on how to cut hair. For that, you might go to YouTube star The Salon Guy, instead. But Alba’s video does give us hope that we too can accomplish this great feat. Even if there may be have been some collateral damage along the way.

“Scissors are very sharp; I cut myself a few times,” she admitted.

She admitted that she had to go back and blend Honor’s layers, and we’re a bit suspicious about the fact that we see only a few seconds of 8-year-old Haven’s haircut and not a single glimpse of 2-year-old Hayes’ turn in the chair.

But still, we know how tween girls can be about their hair, so seeing Honor’s smiles at the final product means a lot.

“You’re annoyingly good at everything,” Atkin commented on Alba’s Instagram.

Ugh, yes. And we love her for it.

When it’s finally time to take the kids to the salon, they can wear one of these cute face masks:

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