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Ciara is Seriously Sexy in These Pregnancy Bikini Shots

Plenty of us who have been pregnant have felt it: That strange shift in the public eye from being a woman with some sex appeal to being a mere birthing vessel, doomed to wear weird frumpy maternity clothes until we cross over to the postpartum side. I remember a dude chatting Pregnant Me up at a bar until I took my jacket off and he noticed my burgeoning bump. His eyes widened in horror and he literally fled the scene. What, you don’t want to buy my mocktail anymore, Brian?

Anyway, thank goodness for celebs like Ciara, who are out there living their best pregnant lives — and being sexy as hell while they’re at it.

Ciara hit Instagram this week to share a series of beautiful photos where she’s rocking a black bikini, a cute cowboy hat, and a big pregnant belly. And she looks beyond amazing.

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The Bump is Bumpin 🥰

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“The bump is bumpin,” the singer captioned the pic.

Said bump is housing Ciara’s third kid-to-be; she’s already mom to 5-year-old Future Zahir Willburn (whom she shares with her ex, Future), and 2-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson (whom she shares with her husband Russell Wilson).

In an April reveal video, also on Instagram, Ciara and Wilson announced: It’s a boy! Nothing like the prospect of having multiple boys under your roof to make quarantine with only two kids sound…way easier.

Ciara has been sharing quite a few beautiful bump pics on Instagram, but we’re thinking this recent batch is the sexiest yet. Take that, Brian.

Now where can we find some maternity clothes that don’t look like they were tailor-made for a Victorian grandma?

Ciara is just one of our favorite celebs who rocked a pregnant belly on the red carpet.

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