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Brie Bella Is No Longer Letting Twin Sister Nikki Corner the Market on Semi-Naked Pregnant Pics

Finally! We were wondering when Brie Bella was going to get in on all this preggo-pic action her sister has set in motion. So far she’s stood by relatively quietly (or at least more fully clothed) while her twin sister, fellow retired professional wrestler and Total Bellas star Nikki who is also pregnant, has pretty much cornered the spotlight on Bella naked pregnant pics — and topless pregnant belly-dancing videos, and what have you. Basically, Nikki’s all over the place — “the place” being Instagram, that is — and it’s high time Brie threw her hat in the ring.

And so: Brie hit Instagram on Monday to share a belly photo celebrating her entrance into the ever-exhilarating (jk we mean exhausting) third trimester. “Hello 3rd Trimester, #28weekspregnant,” Brie captioned the pic, along with a heart emoji because of course.

Of the two sisters, Brie is one week ahead of her sister (Nikki’s clocking in at 27 weeks right now) but is likely quite a bit ahead in her mom wisdom; Brie is already mom to toddler daughter Birdie Joe Danielson, whom she shares with husband and fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Lloyd Danielson).

Brie wrote on Instagram that her daughter was her inspiration for trying to mend her own relationship with her parents:

“My sweet little Bird is the reason why I wanted to let go of the past and free myself from all anger… It was sooo hard to tell my mom that I wanted to open up the door to my father again,” she wrote.

We get it; family is insanely complicated, but there’s nothing like seeing that sweet innocent kid-face that’s half our DNA to make us want to be our best selves, regardless of our pasts. And we, for one, are thrilled that Brie is sharing that best self so openly and honestly with her followers — pregnant underwear pics and all.

And her pals are right there with us: Kristin Cavallari commented on Brie’s pic, calling it “beautiful,” and her co-stars Nia Jax and Nattie Neidhart added “stunning” and “as beautiful as ever,” respectively.

But, can somebody explain to me the actual underwear / bathing suit Brie is wearing here? Like, it’s somehow super cute but also a butt skirt?? Help, inquiring minds want to know!

We can’t help you buy that underwear, but we can help you buy the best sex toys for pregnancy. Enjoy.

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