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You Can Now Buy Disney Cloth Face Masks For Your Kids — & Proceeds Go To Charity

We’ve been introduced to Disney Zoom backgrounds — which is cool and all — but have you heard of the latest in Disney paraphernalia? Face masks. For kids!

Yep, the multifaceted kids company adored by children across the globe debuted cloth character face masks. According to the CDC, “Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2.” But if you have kids over age two, they’ll be thrilled to hear about the opportunity to don a Star Wars or Pixar character mask. After all, it’s probably such a pain convincing them to wear one to begin with. 

Disney Face Masks

Disney Cloth Face Masks $19.99

Just like with any accessory or clothing item, if your kid doesn’t want to wear it, they’ll likely take it off. But since there are so many Disney characters to choose from, the likelihood of them finding a mask they like just went way, way up.

The best part (besides ensuring your child’s safety, of course) is that Disney plans to donate up to $1 million in profits from the U.S. sales of its masks to Medshare, a nonprofit that delivers medical supplies and equipment to communities around the world.

“Their contribution of one million Disney cloth face masks will be provided to families in underserved communities and organizations working to limit the spread of COVID-19,” MedShare President and CEO Charles Redding said in a statement. 

Disney Princess Face Masks

The reusable masks come in small, medium, and large. Choose from Woody and Buzz Lightyear, The Avengers, Baby Yoda, Disney Princesses, and more. Buy your set now for $19.99 on

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