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Ashley Graham Tells Kristen Bell Her “Breasts Are Very Talented” Thanks to Motherhood

Damn, we love Graham. When Ashley Graham isn’t model-momming with the best of them, she’s either breastfeeding on a Nebraska farm or changing diapers in the aisle of a Staples. Yep, that’s right: She’s the realest of the real. And how is she spending her current quarantine days on said Nebraska farm? Why, catching up (virtually, of course) with old pal and fellow Real Mom, Kristen Bell.

We’ve loved K-Bell’s Momsplaining series, produced by Ellen DeGeneres, since its inception. But this week’s episode — featuring ever-relatable banter with Graham plus some very valuable DIY tips on making a mask out of your panties — was a real winner in our books. Bell and Graham connected via video chat, like we all do these days, to drop some truths about mom life in quarantine.

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We’re baaaaaack! Hope you’re ready for Season 5!

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“When was the last time you showered?” Bell asks Graham.

“Well, I showered for you… but the biggest question,” Graham responds, “Is when is the last time I brushed my teeth?”

“Listen,” Bell assures her, “you’ve already got a baby, don’t worry about it. I showered two days ago.”

Same, Kristen. Graham adds that she also needs a “cheese grater” for her foot calluses, which are “as thick as a sandwich.” Again: This is one REAL supermodel, and we are frankly obsessed.

Bell’s next question for Graham: What’s something you’ve learned about yourself, thanks to motherhood? And her response is something any breastfeeding parent can relate to (and pat ourselves on the back for, too):

“My breasts are very talented,” Graham replies. “Multi-faceted, and I am so proud of them.”

“They’re the star of the show,” agrees Bell.

We totally agree, too. Anybody who has even dipped a toe into the frightening, fascinating, fulfilling, formidable waters of breastfeeding can tell you: There’s nothing quite like watching your regular-old body suddenly become a food factory for another human. It’s crazy! And whether you breastfeed for a day or a year or more, you can likely relate to Graham’s comments (and Bell’s, re: star of the show).

Oh, dearest boobs. Our silly younger selves thought you were just for fun. How multifaceted you turned out to be, indeed.

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