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Asshole Dad Wants Mom of 5 to Give Her ‘She Shed’ to the Kids While He Keeps ‘Man Cave’

If you’re parenting during quarantine, you know well that your alone time is precious. In tight living quarters, it can be especially difficult for family members to have their own space while everyone is home all day. One Reddit user wrote a post on the site’s Am I The Asshole (AITA) forum expressing her frustration that her husband wants her to invite their kids into her private space (her “she shed”). However, is he willing to let them into his own “man cave”? Hell no.

“My husband has his man cave. It’s in the basement…NO ONE. Is allowed in,” she wrote on Reddit. “I’m only allowed in to clean (Yayy :/) Everyone has been happy with this arrangement for years. Until now.”

But family tension rose to the surface when she started cleaning her dad’s old r-pod (mini trailer camper) and using it as her own space or “she shed.” 

Ultimately, the husband just plain doesn’t want his wife to have a space of her own. He went so far as to make their kids write her letters on why they should share that space with her. “Today my husband told my kids (4 youngest) to write me letters on why they should have my area. And they even (the little ones) started crying. I was so upset with my husband and my kids but I also feel so guilty,“ she wrote.

She pointed out that her kids have a pool, swing set and many other spaces to use around the house. Why should they take the one place that has become necessary for her well-being?

“Everyone including my husband calls me ‘MEAN MOMMY,’” she wrote before asking users if she’s the asshole. Um, no, this poor mom is not even a tiny bit of an asshole. Not the smallest asshole there is. Her husband, though? Different story.

Now, the question remains, how can she convince her husband — and also re-educate her kids that she’s not being a “mean mommy” by needing personal space?

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