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Kids Clocks That’ll Help Your Children Master the Concept of Time

Finding the perfect kids clock for your little one is crucial — for your own sake! Parents don’t get enough sleep as it is, and you need a kids clock that will teach your little ones healthy sleep habits and how to tell time. The earlier you teach your kids about the joys of getting a good night’s sleep, the more hours of sleep you can rack up.

The clocks below will help your kids adapt to bedtime, keep them in bed longer (so you don’t get an unwanted 5 a.m. wake-up call) and teach them the art of telling time. Using lights, soothing sounds and colors, the clocks have helpful learning tools that your kids already grasp the concept of. Your youngster might be able to yell out the numbers on a digital clock but that doesn’t mean that they understand what those numbers represent or how time passes. Learning how to tell the time on a digital or analog clock will come with time and practice, but it will be easier than the little laminated clocks that you were probably handed out at school when you were a kid. 

The clocks we rounded up below are not your blaring, beeping, panic-inducing alarm clocks. They have been artfully designed with parents and children in mind. Even aesthetic design was taken into consideration. These clocks won’t look like an eyesore in your child’s bedroom. In fact, you might like these clocks so much that you’ll want one for your own room. 

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1. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer

If your kid has trouble accepting bedtime, getting out of bed in the morning or waking up far before the alarm goes off, this alarm clock will help with all of your little one’s time troubles and make sure that your sleep-deprived self can catch a few more zzzs. This kids clock uses colors and facial expressions to explain time. The clock will light up blue when it’s time to sleep, yellow when it’s time to play quietly if they get up before the alarm goes off and green when it’s time to wake up. This alarm clock also has three sleep sound options, which means this clock acts as a sound machine, and five night light colors, which work well for both naptime and bedtime. As for morning sounds, the clock has three alarm sounds and a silent countdown for timed activities. Take charge of your kid’s time training with this stylish clock, and you’ll finally get more sleep.

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Image: LittleHippo Amazon
LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer $49.99 on Buy now

2. Anmones Kids Alarm Clock

Bedtime just got so much more adorable! This kids alarm clock has little bunny ears and feet. With six ringtones and five adjustable sound levels, this little bunny will help your kids fall asleep and wake up. It is automatically set to energy-saver mode, so the clock face goes to sleep when it isn’t surrounded by noise. The clock can be activated by clapping or lightly shaking it. The display screen will light up and show the time for 15 seconds before going back to sleep, which will hopefully inspire your kids to go back to bed, too! If your kids have trouble drifting off into dreamland, the bunny clock has a 30 minute timer, a 60 minute timer and a light breathing pattern which will help lull your little one to sleep. Ten minutes before the alarm goes off, the clock will light up slowly to help your kids wake up naturally. The kids alarm clock comes in blue, green or pink.

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Image: Anmones Amazon
Anmones Kids Alarm Clock $29.99 on Buy now

3. Owlconic Telling Time Teaching Clock

As you can probably remember from your own schooldays, learning how to tell time is hard. It can take up to age eight for kids to be able to tell you what time it is using an analog clock. This analog kids clock was designed by parents, for parents. The clock is broken down into quarters using different, bright colors to help the kids associate the quarters with numbers and phrases. With “o’clock,” “quarter to,” “quarter past” and “half past” written right on the clock face, your kids will be able to learn how to tell time more easily by using the clock as a constant reference guide. The clock also has every single minute written around the clock face, so mastering minutes will also be a breeze. In addition to being a great teaching tool, the colorful clock looks great in a playroom or child’s bedroom.

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Image: Owlconic Amazon
Owlconic Telling Time Teaching Clock $25.07 on Buy now

4. ICODE Time to Wake Alarm Clock for Kids

Going to bed on school nights is important and finding a way to dial down the kiddos is tough. This alarm clock can solve those problems and more. When it’s time to fall asleep, this multi-functional clock shines a crescent moon on the screen, alerting kids that it’s time for bed. Then, when it’s time to wake up the alarm shows a sun and can either wake your little one up by using gradual lighting or playing a typical alarm noise — it’s all up to you.  It also features 17 soothing nature sounds. It’s a sleep trainer, alarm clock, sleep sounds machine, night light, and sleep timer rolled into one package.

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Image: ICODE
ICODE Time to Wake Alarm Clock for Kids $39.99 on Buy now

5. Ornalry Dinosaur Alarm Clock

Some alarm clocks don’t really match the decor of your kid’s room. This energy-saving dinosaur alarm clock solves those problems by looking cute enough to leave as decoration. The adorable little clock has soft colorful lights that offer your little one a gentle companion, which can help them learn to sleep alone. It also comes with sunrise and sunset modes, so the clock is aware of when to turn dim and your child can have a good night’s rest.

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Image: Ornalry
Ornalry Dinosaur Alarm Clock $22.99 on Buy now

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