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Goldie Hawn Reveals Why She Changed Kate Hudson’s Name

Before Kate Hudson’s mother, fellow actor Goldie Hawn, gave birth to her only daughter in 1979, she had a classic baby name all picked out. But then, apparently, Hawn changed her baby girl’s name in one fell swoop, as she explained to People this week. Why? 

The reason is actually pretty hilarious — and makes a lot of sense considering the Bride Wars actor’s fiery personality. Hawn told the publication that she had decided on the name Rebecca for her daughter, but ultimately changed her mind mid-route to the hospital, because little Rebecca (now Kate) kicked her sharp in the cervix. Yow.

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What a joy to celebrate the BEAUTY of family on @people The Beautiful Issue 💝Mama, Rani Rose and I shot this cover months ago, little did everyone in the world know that we would all be having to make ourselves distant from some family for a while. Some can quarantine with each other, and some, sadly, cannot. The strength of family is everything! ✨Whether you are born into that family or collect that family along the way, this connection we thrive on and must protect 🙏 I hope this interview brings some cheer to everyone and our family is sending you so much love 💕 Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my favorite beautiful people right now and donating to their causes! Hopefully you will join me. Until tomorrow 😘

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“She kicked me so hard in my vagina that I changed her name right on the spot because she was tough,” Hawn told People in her cover story interview where she posed alongside Hudson and 18-month-old Baby Rani Rose.

“I had named her Rebecca and on the 405 [freeway] I went, ‘This is a Kate.’” A Taming of the Shrew reference, perhaps?

Hawn didn’t explain why the name Kate symbolized toughness to her; the name Kate actually means “pure,” from the Latin word Katharina. The name Rebecca, on the other hand, has Hebrew origins and means “captivating.” But hey, if Hawn had ended up choosing “Rebecca,” Hudson would still have lived up to it.

Hudson is also mom to two boys, but we have to admit there’s something special about this portrait with three generations of girls. Plus, the mother-daughter-granddaughter trio seems to be super close. Apparently Hudson and her mom talk plenty about sex — setting a strong stage for Hudson to be just as open with Rani Rose someday.

Still, we’re glad “Rebecca Hudson” wasn’t starring in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. We don’t know if she’d have been quite as cool.

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