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Divorced Parents Eva Amurri & Kyle Martino Are Living Together in Quarantine

Sheltering in place for over a month has put a strain on many a happy relationship. It’s also making life extra complicated for divorced parents who share custody. But there are a few people who appear to have some kind of super-human ability to get along surprisingly well with their exes — so well, in fact, that they’re quarantining together, for the sake of their kids. Eva Amurri says that doing this with Kyle Martino was an “obvious choice.”

“I am very unconventionally isolating with my ex-husband,” Amurri said on an Instagram Live video with Otherland, according to Us Weekly. “It was an obvious choice for the kids’ sake and his sake … It’s been great, surprisingly, [but] it’s obviously had its moments.”

Martino, from whom she separated in November, usually lives in New York City. Rather than have him separated from his three children, including baby Mateo who was born in March, during the stay-at-home order, he’s been living on Amurri’s property in Connecticut, in the studio she has set up for her blog.

So, OK, when we said “super-human ability to get along,” what we meant was “really big properties that allow for lots of alone time.” Still, when you consider the fact that issues surrounding the pandemic and social distancing have gotten so heated that some exes are even fighting for temporary full custody, we do have to applaud any couple that can make this work.

“My ex and I are spending some really good time with the kids,” Martino, a former pro soccer player, told NBC Sports in his own Instagram Live interview on Easter. “We’re doing an Easter egg hunt later. Basically, [we] just fast-forwarded through a year of therapy and getting to an amazing place in three weeks because now we have to live together.”

Other famous exes have been doing this with their children and exes, too, including Bruce Willis and Demi Moore; Wayne Brady, ex-wife Mandie Taketa, and her boyfriend (!); and Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer and ex-husband Mario.

Despite having Martino around to help, Amurri has shared some of her own struggles with parenting during this strange time. In an Instagram post over the weekend, she wrote about eldest daughter Marlowe having a breakdown about not getting alone time with her.

“Spending one-on-one time with my Bigs post-Mateo has been really hard, especially because I can’t take them out someplace for some alone time or an activity,” she said. “It’s hard to even find the time or space for my OWN alone time, so giving it to my kids individually feels nearly impossible. … None of us is truly ourselves right now, due to stress, anxiety, illness, sadness, or any mix of other emotions. It’s so important to be generous with ourselves and others right now. Trying to remind myself of that daily!”

We needed that reminder too!

Eva Amurri is one of many celebrity moms who have shared their home birth experiences.

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