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Watch This 4-Year-Old Boy Dance Up a Storm in His Princess Dress

The Parenting team at SheKnows just happens to be made of two moms of boys who love to dance, so we’re really excited about the success of another little boy whose mother has helped take his dance passion to another level. Brody Schaffer — the Instagram sensation better known as Boss Baby Brody and previously known as #babyfosse — and his mom, blogger Danielle Schaffer, just signed a big-time talent contract, according to Variety.

At the ripe-old age of 4, Brody first went viral last December when his mom posted a video of him dancing to The Nutcracker. That video earned him attention on national TV, and according to WME, the talent agency that just signed him, it’s been viewed 7 million times. He went from being a kid who just watched his big sister practice her dance routines to a serious student, getting private sessions with the likes of choreographer Travis Wall.

In March, he got the chance to star with his family in a video for Niall Horan’s “No Judgment.” The clip features Brody, the youngest of four, first dancing and playing dress-up with big sister Dylan, and then getting their parents and brothers in on the action. It’s a beautiful glimpse into the open, encouraging atmosphere in which Brody has grown up so far. We know this because it’s something his mother has been writing about since long before her son’s fame.

Back in January, Schaffer wrote about letting her son express himself on her blog, City Girl Gone Mom. With two older brothers and one older sister, Brody was exposed to all sorts of “boy” and “girl” things, if you have to gender toys and activities. He gravitated toward his sister’s dancing and princess costumes.

“Just like his older brother suiting up for lacrosse, when Boss Baby Brody puts on that dress, his eyes light up and he gets in this zone,” Schaffer wrote.

As you might expect, this hasn’t come without unwanted commentary from strangers at the supermarket and online. In an interview with, Schaffer shared more about the public reaction to Brody, which is still mostly positive.

“The small amount of negative comments I get don’t affect me too much, however, I say to myself, ‘What would Brody’s life be like if this person was his mom?’ ” Shaffer said. “She would never let him dance or play in costumes, and for that I cry. I cry for the kids that are being repressed from artistic expression and being themselves. Clipping a child’s wings is just so sad.”

As we all watch to see what Brody does next, more of us can learn about the beautiful things that happen when parents let their kids soar instead.

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