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Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Chose Their Baby’s Name After ‘Too Many Drinks’

Singers Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd welcomed their son, Hayes Andrew Hurd, into the world last month, in the middle of quite a few circumstances (tornado, pandemic) no one could have planned for. But one thing they did have ready before his March 23 arrival was his name, as Hurd explained to Entertainment Tonight this week.

“We had the name for a long time,” he told ET in a video chat from his home in Nashville. “We just didn’t want to share it until he was born.”

Hayes, originally an English surname that means “from the hedged land,” was a name they chose way before Morris was even pregnant. Though he said naming was “all Maren’s decision,” Hurd is actually the one who came up with it.

“We stayed up really late one night a couple years ago, and I think we had too many drinks,” Hurd said. “Maren said, ‘What would you name a boy if you had one?’ and I was like, ‘I always thought the name Hayes was cool’ and she remembered it. I don’t know why — maybe the double-H thing.”

Hurd said his brother had also gone with a double-H, naming his baby Halle. And we can totally see those cousins starting a band one day.

Speaking of family, the little one’s middle name has a much sadder origin.

“His middle name is my little brother’s name that passed away a few years ago,” Hurd said, referring to his brother who died in 2010 in a car accident at just 16 years old. “So, that was a really cool way to honor him and my family.”

In the interview, Hurd also gave an update on how Morris is doing after she gave birth to Hayes via C-section.

“She’s excited to just not be pregnant anymore,” he said, adding that he tries to make sure he’s taking care of her as much as of their baby. “It’s a hard thing to come back from, especially when you have a C-section.”

In that moment, we just became huge Ryan Hurd fans.

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