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This is Why OITNB’s Laura Prepon is Keeping Her Son’s Name a Secret

Laura Prepon is one honest mom, and that’s just one of the reasons we love her so much. The actor, author, and SHE Media BlogHer Parenting keynote speaker (she’ll be live with us this coming Friday, come on down!) has opened up about the dark, light, and downright messy sides of motherhood. (Cases in point: She is just as forthcoming about her past abortion as she is about her current fashion choice to wear her baby’s burp cloth as a halter top. RESPECT.)

One thing Prepon is not opening up about anytime soon? The name of her second child — a son that Prepon and husband Ben Foster welcomed in February 2020. For now, they’re keeping mum on what the 2-month-old is called. It’s not out of character for the private pair, who waited until their daughter Ella was over a year old to share her photo for the first time (Ella is now 2).

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“We make all those decisions as a family because we’re in the public eye,” Prepon told US Weekly while promoting her new memoir, You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood. “So whenever we do something like that, we have a conversation about it first and make sure that we’re comfortable with it… It’s a constant negotiation because we’re so fortunate to do what we love. But part of being in the public eye is how do you negotiate keeping your privacy, how do you negotiate keeping your personal life private?”

She did admit, however, that “it’s cute that people want to know his name.” Um, of course we do?!

After all, just the fact that Prepon and Foster named their eldest Ella means they’ve got pretty great taste in classic-yet-still-modern baby names. So, we’re taking bets on what the little boy is called, in the same old-school name vein: Henry? David? Clarence?! Let us know your guess, and we’ll report back as soon as we find out for sure.

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