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Eva Amurri Shares Raw Home Birth Photos of the Moment Her Son Was Born

Home births are having a moment in the collective consciousness these days. With moms going the home-birth route last-minute as an alternative to birthing sans partner in the hospital mid-pandemic (yikes, seriously don’t try this at home please!) as well as celebrities like Cindy Crawford revealing all the details of their past home births, it’s clear this type of birth is no longer just a choice of crunchy hippies (like my mom, who birthed me standing up in 1985, respect). The latest celeb to open up about her home birth experiences is lifestyle blogger Eva Amurri, aka Susan Sarandon’s daughter and our surprise 2020 co-parenting icon.

Amurri posted on Instagram on April 16 to share some honest, beautiful and seriously emotional photos of the very moment her third child, son Mateo, was born. He arrived on March 13, and Amurri posted at the time: “Our sweet little boy came earth-side yesterday, peacefully at home,” Amurri captioned. “Birth was bright, fast and beautiful, and we are all so in love.”

This week’s first photo is a beautiful look into the raw emotions of any birth (at home or otherwise). Badass mom Amurri and newborn Mateo (and his umbilical cord, still attached) are the stars, naturally, but the pic also stars Amurri’s 5-year-old daughter Marlowe as well as her doula. Amurri captioned the pic with a moving Rumi poem: “Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do. There Are Hundreds Of Ways To Kneel And Kiss The Ground.” And she noted that she’s sharing Mateo’s birth story on her blog “with the deepest gratitude and love for my son and this beautiful experience he bestowed upon me.”

But it wasn’t just about the beautiful moment of birth; on her blog, Amurri writes more deeply about the strangeness of welcoming new life into a world on the brink of a global pandemic.

“The experience of birthing Mateo marked the precipice of one of the most devastating pandemics in global history,” Amurri writes on her blog. “He was born just days before social distancing orders were put in to effect, and at a time when we knew very little about the virus. While everybody at the birth was keeping track of their own health, washing hands, and monitoring themselves as per common sense and the guidelines at the time, we all knew little of the COVID-19 virus or what it would go on to do. In our little community, and beyond. I look back and am so grateful that we were all healthy, and that I was able to have a birth in the way that I did – since guidelines are now much, much stricter.”

Honestly, even those of us parents who weren’t giving birth mid-March can echo those sentiments. Even in those obsessive hand-washing days, we were still leaving our homes, going to parks, maybe even seeing friends. None of us knew how lucky we had it.

Three cheers to Amurri for bringing this beautiful boy into a scary world with bravery and grace.

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