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Amy Schumer Renamed Her 11-Month-Old Son Because His Name Sounded Like ‘Genital’

I have a cousin whose parents changed her name to Marilyn after calling her Ashley for nine months of her life.  Why? Their family decided her original name didn’t sound “Jewish enough.” Hmm. One SheKnows writer told the story of changing her eight-month-old daughter’s name from Presley to Summer. And hey, parents are allowed to do that. Parents change their baby’s name for all sorts of reasons. Maybe the child requests a name change on their own — like something more gender-neutral, for example. But Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer are changing their almost 1-year-old baby Gene Attell’s name for a reason few of us can argue with: Frankly, it sounds like “genital.”

They just don’t want to set their kid up for a bullying disaster at the playground, y’know? Can you blame them?

Baby Gene may never know that his original middle name was a total fluke now that his parents changed it. The comedian revealed how she came to this realization on her podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Keith. “Do you guys know that Gene, our baby’s name, is officially changed? It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realized that we, by accident, named our son ‘Genital.’” 

Attell is actually named after Dave Attell, Schumer’s co-star who played Noam in Trainwreck. Schumer and her husband spoke about their decision with Dave and ultimately chose “Dave” as Gene’s new middle name. Dave is also her father Gordon Schumer’s middle name. “So, two stones,” she explains.

If you think no one took notice, think again. “My mum pointed that out to me, ‘Amy’s called her son “Genital,” and she was right!’” Claudia O’Doherty responded on the podcast.

You know, we get it, Amy. In the delivery room, it’s difficult to think of anything else aside from pushing out a healthy baby. But we’ll still consider this a lesson learned.

Here, Amy Schumer opens up about her fertility struggles along with other celebrities. 

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