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Amy Schumer & Baby Gene Pay a Visit to Her Dad in Isolation & We’re Crying

Amy Schumer has been our goddess of all things #momlife ever since baby Gene was born (and honestly, well before that too) and this fabulous mother-son duo continues to serve up exactly the inspiration we need right about now in our weird sad time of social isolation. And today, Schumer and Gene did not disappoint: They took to the streets of NYC to pay a (socially distanced) visit to Schumer’s dad, Gordon.

Gordon Schumer has suffered from multiple sclerosis for years; he was diagnosed when Amy was only 12. But, as Amy once tweeted, Gordon has never complained, “even though life has been a dickhead,” she wrote. And back in 2017, when new technology allowed Gordon to stand beside Amy for the first time after years in a wheelchair, we all cried.

And, welp, we’re crying again — because this time, Amy and Gene are down on the sidewalk, waving at Gordon in his nursing home with a sign that says “Hi Grandpa! We love you!” and if this isn’t just the damn sweetest thing we’ve seen all year (you know, the year that has been March), we don’t know what is.

When the camera pans to Gordon waving back at his daughter and grandson from the window, we’re just about ready to plotz — and we’re certainly ready for this whole quarantine thing to be over so these three can give each other the IRL hugs they all deserve.

Until then, we’ll be sobbing from a safe (social) distance, and trying to stay strong — if Gordon can do it, so can we.

Amy Schumer is just one of our favorite celebs who has opened up about struggles with infertility.

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