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Beautiful & Brilliant Baby Names Beginning With ‘B’

A brand-new baby is a beautiful thing. But while you’re gearing up to be burping, breastfeeding (or bottle-feeding), and bouncing that boisterous little human around the clock once they arrive, you better believe you’re going to want one brilliant and bold name for that beaming sweet face you’re about to spend so many blissful bedtimes (and early mornings) with.

Maybe you want some alliterative twin names (Ben and Branson?) or first-middle pair (Bryce Briar?) or maybe you’re just plain bonkers over your hometown of Brooklyn, Boise or Brisbane and want to name your kid thusly. We won’t judge. Whatever brought you a-Googling “baby names beginning with B,” rest assured you’ve landed in the right place. Here are our picks guaranteed to bewitch — and blossom as baby grows.

Classic ‘B’ names for girls

  • Bella (not just for Twilight fans)
  • Beatrice/Beatrix (from Gaelic, meaning “bringer of joy”)
  • Betty (Boop or Draper, bombshells galore)
  • Beth (the wisest sister in Little Women, a true Oscar-winning baby name)
  • Bitsy (of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God”)
  • Brigit/Brigid/Brigitte (an Irish baby name meaning “the high one” or “strength”)
  • Brooke (Shields leaves some glam shoes to fill)
  • Bethany (a Biblical baby name from the Hebrew)
  • Bianca (some Taming of the Shrew or maybe 10 Things I Hate About You inspo?)
  • Beverley (Hills, Cleary, all kinds of human and geographical favorites!)
  • Bernice/Berenice (She’s a badass who bobbed her hair. Enough said.)

Trendy ‘B’ names for girls

Classic ‘B’ names for boys

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Trendy ‘B’ names for boys

  • Barric (an English name meaning “grain farm”)
  • Brooks (creeks, streams, rivers, all soothing!)
  • Brody (Irish name meaning “from the muddy place,” and if that ain’t 2020 I dunno what is)
  • Buck (meaning “weaver” in Greek)
  • Bowie (talk about a rock star baby name)
  • Beau (or Bo, sweet and simple and oh-so Southern)
  • Bear (cuddlier than Buck, but still wild)
  • Balthazar (one of the wise Magi)
  • Bastian (for Neverending Story diehards everywhere)
  • Basil (Fawlty, The Great, you pick)
  • Beck (guaranteed to NOT be a “Loser,” baby)
  • Benedict (thankfully, we have Cumberbatch instead of Arnold to be #1 namesake)
  • Bentley (if you want to be all bougie about it)
  • Brantley (becoming more popular according to the Social Security Administration)

Unisex ‘B’ names

  • Blue (Beyoncé approved, come on)
  • Bo (between Diddley and Burnham, we know who we’d pick)
  • Billie (Lady Day is one iconic namesake)
  • Blaine (David Blaine the magician? No?)
  • Bertie (derived from French meaning “intelligent, glorious raven” — I mean!!)
  • Bobbie (bonus if you have girl twins named Billie and Bobbie)
  • Blaze (you can’t say no to a kid named Blaze)
  • Bryce (named after the canyon, this will be one deep kid)
  • Blake (Lively vs. Shelton?)
  • Bronx (my personal favorite borough, and Ashlee Simpson’s too apparently)
  • Bailey (one of the few names that sounds great for a boy, girl, OR dog)
  • Beckett (because aren’t we all living Waiting for Godot right now?)
  • Bergen (from Old German and Scandinavian, meaning “lives on the mountain”)
  • Bond (meaning “tied to the land,” from Middle and Old English)

Game of Thrones ‘B’ baby names

Who knew?! Clearly, ‘B’ is a favorite letter for the Game of Thrones gang o’ names.

  • Brienne (member of Renly Baratheon’s Kingsguard)
  • Benjen (younger brother of Eddard Stark and a member of the Night’s Watch)
  • Bran (oh, Bran. The fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark)
  • Bronn (a swordsman loyal to House Lannister)
  • Brynden (head of House Tully and the Lord of Riverrun)

Still stumped? Here are all the wacky celeb baby names we wish we’d thought of first.

Beautiful Baby Names That Start With a "B"

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