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Celeb Doula Latham Thomas & Her Teen Son Love Black-ish & Fancy Bubble Baths


Latham Thomas is a true badass Jill-of-all-trades. We chose her for this week’s Momsessed in particular because it’s World Doula Week and Thomas is a doula to the stars, with clients from Alicia Keys and Anne Hathaway to Gabrielle Union and Tamera Mowry. But that’s not all: The mother, author, mindfulness practitioner, and maternal wellness expert was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 — and that’s really only scratching the surface of her accolades. Thomas is also the founder of Mama Glow and has spent years advocating for birth equity and maternal health policy. Oh, and she also led the Western hemisphere’s largest mass meditation at the highest point — the top of 1 World Trade. NBD, right?

But when she’s not shepherding celeb babies into the world or changing the maternal health game for good, she’s a regular mom of a teen: prodigy producer/artist DJ Fulano. Ok, so, maybe not that regular of a mom. We caught up with Thomas to find out all the mom essentials that make her tick — or at least help make being an entrepreneurial parent of a 16-year-old  a little easier. And we won’t lie: We’re more than a little jealous that Thomas manages to find common ground with her teen boy over shared Black-ish viewings and brewing up herbal bath salts together. Sounds like familial social isolation at its finest, IMHO.

The podcasts I’m listening to right now

The Read, Still Processing, Pretty Big Deal, Oprah Super Soul… There are so many. I usually listen when I am in transit, cooking or cleaning the house. That’s when I feel most inclined to tune into podcasts.”

The books my kid loves

“My son is 16, so he isn’t obsessed with any books but is reading literature, mostly history and books focused on the Black experience. Right now he is reading The Will to Change by bell hooks.”

The books I’m reading myself

“I’m always rotating a few books at once. A Terrible Thing to Waste by Harriet WashingtonSound Bath by Sara Auster.”

The snacks I always have on hand

“My son loves rices cakes with crunchy peanut butter. I always have a basket of fresh fruit handy. And we make popcorn on the stove with coconut oil. I usually add nutritional yeast, jalapeño and vegan Miyokos butter; it’s one of my son’s favorite snacks to have when we watch TV.”

The beauty product that’s always in my bag

Karite hand cream. I wash my hands a lot and want my hands to stay soft.”


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Glow Moment – In a month he will celebrate a fresh 16 years on this earth. He’s going into his junior year of high school. This summer he will head to a university music program, that he received a merit scholarship to attend. He’s practicing his driving skills and the only thing he needs me to do for him is deep condition his hair, make him gluten-free pancakes, and run his bath- cause somehow only mama knows how to make a perfect bath. He’s more capable than ever and I am more worried than ever. _ When he was a baby I breastfed him til he was three, I carried him on my hip everywhere. I fiercely protected him. I thought one day that my attachment parenting would ease and we would both naturally desire space…. but no, not me. With Fulano having more and more agency and spreading his wings I find myself dealing with a different kind of parental paranoia. One that has nothing to do with the child I raised but everything to do with the world around him. _ I pray twice a day for his safety. I have informative and insightful talks with him. I don’t want him to walk through the world worried, but prepared. I want him to continue to express and explore the depth of his potential. _ I want other parents to understand when I say Fulano can’t spend the night, that it’s multilayered. That when the sun is setting and I am waiting for my son to come home, I don’t fully exhale until he walks through the door. That he isn’t allowed to travel at night alone, not even to the ice-cream shop. That there is a different type of freedom afforded to those who don’t have to worry if their children will be seen as a threat. _ I talk to my girlfriends about this who also have teen-age sons of color and I’m really thankful for my community and my mindfulness practice because it is a tool for survival. My self-care keeps me centered. And having a strong relationship of open communication and trust with my son means everything to me. _ I talked about it last weekend when I watched it, but if you still can’t understand what parental paranoia must feel like for us, please go watch @Ava‘s WHEN THEY SEE US on Netflix for a dose of painful reality. #glowmoment #mama

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The app that makes my life as a parent easier

“Car apps like UBER and Lyft are great because sometimes it makes more sense for my son to travel via car versus the train. So, I can track him in the car while he is in transit and feel more comfortable.”

The parenting account I love to follow

MotherMag is founded by my friend Katie Zambrano and she does a great job celebrating the many faces and pathways to parenting.”

What keeps my kid occupied for hours

“My son is a musician and DJ, so he plays guitar, bass, keyboard and produces music so there is always music playing in the house which is nice.”


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Glow Moment- Sometimes you have to wait for your favorite people to be born. _ I’ve had best friends over the years, some who have known me my whole life… but it wasn’t until this guy was born that I realized the depth of my love and how much I could love someone else through motherhood. My child is a portal to my self-reflection. Just having him here in my life is a reminder to constantly grow, to challenge systems and ask questions. _ I will never forget when Fulano was just shy of turning 4 and we went to Union Square Park to play on the playground. Pushing his stroller, while he sang I arrived at the gated entrance and it was locked. Me to Fulano: “Oh no, it’s closed”. _ _ Fulano: “What do you mean?” _ Me: “The gate is locked so that means we can’t go inside the park to play.” _ Fulano: “That’s ok, just unlock the gate.” _ Me: “I don’t have the key” _ Fulano: “Mommy, just use your keys.” _ Me: “My keys wont work baby.” _ Fulano: “How do you know, you didn’t even try” _ In that moment, I was astounded. He was right, I hadn’t tried. My keys wouldn’t have worked, but I knew in that moment that for my son, it was all about making that effort. Turning over every stone. I have so many stories of his tenacity and systems thinking from over the years. He has always been a problem solver and thinking of innovative ways to solve issues. I was just listening to him describe a filtration device, made of completely recycled materials, that he and his schoolmates made in science class that catches micro particles and could improve the air quality in big cities like LA and NYC. _ I’m so proud of him. He makes me a better person. I strive to be an example of leadership as a mother and entrepreneur. I’ve exposed him to wellness and healthy living since he was in utero. I’m a gentle guide for him, like I am in the lives of so many mothers as a doula. I am also a student of his life path and learning what I need to from his teachings as my child. Our children are great teachers, they carry wisdom on their words and in their hearts. Listen to them. Learn from them. Grow with them. _ 📷 @yumimatsuostudio for @linguafrancanyc

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The TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kid

“My son and I usually watch Black-ish and Grown-ish together, and we also love Superstore and Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The music we play around the house

“My son and I have the same music taste, ever since he was little he had mature taste in music…we play music from around the world. He started his career as a DJ when he was 8, and as a DJ he has an incredible music catalogue.”

My kid’s favorite grooming products

“My son uses an Italian clay face scrub to help keep his skin clear. He really loves taking baths too, so we use my friend Karolina Kurkova’s Gryph and Ivy Rose bubble bath and we add herbs and salts to the soak.”


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Happy Mother’s Day – My friend @rachellehruska featured me and @fulanosworld in her Mother’s Day Campaign for her @linguafrancanyc collection. _ I am wearing – REBEL, REBEL short sleeve in lavendar with a matching cardigan. _ Fuli is wearing – BLACK LIVES MATTER long sleeve in black (which he customized) – Look how tall this giant is next to me. I remember the day I released him into the world, July 13, 2003… the moment I first saw his face, heard his voice. He was 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. His head could fit in my hand and his body the length of my forearm. A masterpiece. I remember the first time he said “mama”, then “mommy” now I’m “hey mom”. I breastfed this baby til he was three and now he is a young man 15 years-alive towering over me. I have to tilt my head back just to gaze at him… That’s life. So beautiful and unfolding before our eyes at every moment. _ Fulano starts his internship in music production and A&R @massappeal this Thursday… grown! He is a sophomore in high school about to be a junior! WTF!! Don’t blink parents they grow so fast… it goes by so quickly. Stay in awe. Harness the wonder. Parenting is magical and I am blessed I was chosen to walk this path with Fuli. Children are phenomenal teachers. Happy Mother’s Day. 💋 _ 📷 @yumimatsuostudio for @linguafrancanyc #mamaglow #motherhood #doula #birth #mama #mothersday #mother #fulanosworld #thankful #gratitude #son #family

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My favorite clothing sources for my kid & me

“We found some really cool Keith Haring trousers and hoodies with Haring’s famous barking dog print all over them. My son loves them. I love lots of different brands, Love Shack Fancy, Self Portrait, I love this company called GOAT where you can get exclusive sneaker drops. My son put me on to it. I wear hats and scarves a lot, mostly vintage ones from my Granny who passed away — she had the best style.”

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