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Jenna Dewan’s New Baby’s Name Has the Sweetest Meaning

Jenna Dewan managed to wait four whole days after the birth of her baby boy on March 6 before posting photos of the little guy on Instagram. But now that she showed Callum Michael Rebel Kazee to the world on Tuesday, it seems like the dam is broken and she’s ready to flood us with more pics. As we coo at the cozy pics of the actress breastfeeding, and of Callum’s darling little feet, we have an opportunity to examine what his name means, too.

“So. Happy,” Dewan captioned the Instagram Story photo of Callum, her second child and boyfriend Steve Kazee’s first.

The boy has a couple of great traditional names and one bold unusual one to balance things out, a sure sign his engaged parents thought this out thoroughly. Dewan’s 6-year-old daughter with ex-husband Channing Tatum has such a unique name in Everly, so we certainly expected as much from this mama.

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Jenna Dewan breastfeeding baby Callum Michael Rebel Kazee. Image:

Callum is a Gaelic name, common in Scotland and Ireland, derived from the Latin word Columba, which means “dove.” How perfect to give a kid such a peaceful first name in these tumultuous times! St. Columba was an Irish priest who spread Christianity across Scotland in the 6th century.


Michael is of Hebrew origin and means “poor, humble.” That’s a nice add for a celebrity kid, too.

But just in case he’s not in the mood to go by such sweet, humble names, he can choose that second middle name, Rebel.

On Tuesday night, Kazee explained how they chose the names.

“Callum: Gaelic for dove because he has been so sweet and peaceful since landing in our arms,” the actor wrote on his Instagram. “Michael: My middle name.”

Rebel turns out to be the most meaningful of the lot: “I wanted a way to honor my mother,” Kazee wrote. “Her name was Reba but from a very young age her father called her Rebel. … And so … Callum Michael Rebel Kazee was born.”

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Baby Callum’s feet. Image:

Can you tell these parents are ridiculously in love with this guy?

“And just like that, our hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond,” Dewan wrote on her Instagram birth announcement. “Welcome to the world you little angel!”

Here’s hoping he’s just as peaceful as his name — if only so his happy new parents can get some shut-eye.

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