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David Beckham ‘Can’t Say No’ to Daughter Harper, But She’ll Probably Be Okay

We like to say every child is different, and every family’s internal dynamics are, too. But every once in a while they do adhere to one or two stereotypes, such as the one Ellen DeGeneres recently guessed about David Beckham’s parenting style with his only daughter, 8-year-old Harper.

“I would think that she turns you to mush,” DeGeneres said in a clip from her show on Wednesday.

Beckham, the retired soccer player and father of four who keeps getting more crush-worthy with every dad quote, agreed.

“I mean the boys, obviously, give me a little bit of stick, because they know that any question that they ask that they think I’m going to say no to, they know that they have to ask her to ask me, because I can’t say no to her,” Beckham admitted. “I think I only said ‘no’ to her once. And her bottom lip started shivering, and I said, never again.

In many a family, we’d say that’s a dangerous attitude, one that could result in strife and resentment among the siblings and a rather spoiled child in Harper. In the case of the Beckhams, though, that doesn’t seem to be true. Maybe the key is that she really does do the favor of asking her dad for things for Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo. And maybe mom Victoria Beckham steps in once in a while to even the playing field. (Though maybe not, since she’s called her own parenting style with four kids “crowd control.”

Speaking of playing fields, Beckham is pretty proud of his daughter’s skills on the soccer pitch.

“I mean I think she’s the best,” he boasted, smiling in that I’m-supposed-to-sound-humble-but-can’t-about-my-daughter way that dads do so well. “She is athletic.”

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