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Serena Williams’ Daughter Is Every Toddler When Mom Is Attempting Self-Care

Last week, Serena Williams’ daughter was making headlines for her precocious manicure skills as she played with her dad, Alexis Ohanian. But it looks like 2-year-old Olympia is getting a head start on being an all-around beauty influencer, since she absolutely steals the show from her mom’s latest skin-care regimen video on Instagram Stories.

“Warning, the following videos are seriously cute,” reads a card starting off Williams’ “Woke Up Like This” series of videos.

“It’s morning and I want to have a refreshed face,” the tennis champion continues, but as she tries to show us her Knesko Diamond Radiance under-eye mask, Olympia gives us her commentary too.

“Morning morning, diamond cuckoo,” Olympia says (or something like that), holding up mom’s makeup sponges.

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Mother daughter beauty team, Serena and Olympia. Image:

Williams’ motherly patience is unparalleled as her daughter sprays something in the air and hams it up in front of the camera. We can kind of follow that Williams washes with water and a vitamin C cleanser and uses a bunch of different serums, but it’s so hard to take our eyes off of Olympia. Honestly, we can’t tell you what other products she uses. (Maybe just watch her more peaceful nighttime routine videos for actual product suggestions.)

“It’s morning time and I’m always in a rush because of [points to Olympia],” she says at one point.

There’s a lot of “Mama, Mama, Mama!” which Williams laughs off as she stays on script, even when it looks like her daughter might be about to make a mess of her eyeliner.

For the final few videos, Olympia appears to have been lured away from the camera, so that we can see her mom’s masterful work with concealer, even as a caption reads, “Olympia spilled setting powder on me.”

“Setting spray, concealer, blush, eyeliner really, really fast before Olympia comes back, and I jam on the mascara,” Williams says. “And literally this is five minutes because I have to do it before my daughter comes, gets in my makeup and puts it on herself, and then I have to clean up the whole bathroom, which I have to do anyway.”

Yeah, so many of us know this struggle all too well. If only we could look as good as Serena Williams when it’s all done!

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