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Moms Tell Us What They Would Do With Their Extra (Leap) Day

Priscilla Blossom

About every four years, those of us following the Gregorian calendar enjoy an additional day in the month of February. Leap Day, as we call it, is kind of a strange occurrence. It’s an “extra” day that we don’t typically have, yet we generally treat it as any other day. It’s not a holiday exactly, which I personally feel is a bit of a missed opportunity.

Because what if we all treated Leap Day like the true bonus day it is — a day in which we could all simply take a (preferably paid) break, relax and unwind, or at least catch up with those piles of laundry that mock us every other day? I asked a number of moms what they would do if we actually could use Leap Day as a one-day vacation from our responsibilities. Here’s what they had to say.

Catch some ZZZs

“My current fantasy is to check into a nice enough hotel, leave my phone with the front desk, unplug the TV and landline phone, and close the blackout curtains and just sleep until I wake up. I’ll pay for whatever time that is. I could just as easily do it on Leap Day as any other day.”

— Leah, marketing and communications consultant, mother of one, Denver, Colorado

Skip the interruptions

“One full day of ME time. Where I can actually sleep without any interruptions, eat my own food without a child picking off my plate, and can shower without my child telling me her whole life story and wondering when I’m done.”

— Jennifer, pet-sitting business owner, mom of three, Port St. Lucie, FL

Leap Year Activities

A lazy day on the town

“If I had a whole free extra day sans kiddos or things that needed done, I would sleep in. I would go to the best coffee shop in the city (Commonplace Coffee) with a good book and sit for hours. I would go get a massage, a pedicure, and go out to dinner. I wouldn’t cook a thing or wash a thing. I would go to bed early and read until I fell asleep with a book on my face. There’s many adventures to be had, but with four kids age eight and under I really just need rest.”

— Meg, journalist, mother of four, Pittsburgh

A spa (& beach) day

“I would take a day to chill and focus on me. Involving (in no particular) order: a massage, hair/nails done, yoga, going to the beach, reading and not cooking a damn thing.”

— Kristina, pharmacist, mother of two, Cooper City, FL

Zero guilt

“My dream free day without responsibilities would probably start with a run and a nice long shower, then be spent at the bookstore reading. It was one of my favorite things to do before kids and I never get to anymore. (I spent a few hours at the library solo yesterday and it was delightful!) I would also treat myself to lunch, maybe with friends, but maybe not. The key would be to get out of the house, so I’m not reminded of or feel guilty for all the things I’m not doing.”

— Shana, event producer, mom of two, Rockville, MD

Books & more books

“I would sit in my house and read, which is what I usually do when I find a few extra hours. Because reading when my children are in the house doesn’t happen: they have WAY too much they want to talk about and show me.”

— Jamie, writer, mom of two, New Milford, CT

Leap Day unplugged

“I think I’d spend a day offline. Really….NO cell phone. NO computer. It would be strange, but wonderful. We really should institute it as a Leap Year tradition; an electronics-free Leap Day across the country…after all, we can manage it once every four years, right?!”

— Bethany, author, mother of two, NYC

Indulge in some fun

“I booked a trip to a Poconos waterpark for March 1st not even realizing the 29th is Leap Day. So I think I’ll take an extra day off, pack, shop and maybe even leave early and get a cheaper hotel for the overnight and visit the candle factory and other fun things in the area.”

— Dawn, co-founder and owner of Geek Travel Guide, mom of two, West Babylon, NY

Total solitude

“A whole day of not needing to speak to another human, being touched by another human, being seen by another human. One day of complete solitude.”

-Whitney, small business owner and bookseller, mother of two, Lansing, MI

A little bit of everything

“Sleep, spa, and self-care! Getting cozy with tea, reading, and catching up on articles and webinars. Ideally, a quick trip to get some sun and light hike at a nearby lake.”

— Alisha, engineering program manager, mom of one, Greenville, SC

Connections with family

“I’d like a family beach day or something unplugged from technology and just truly enjoying each other. School has got me all over the place. I make time for everything, but in pieces (myself, kids, husband, friends) — and def not enough quality time lately.”

— Jenny, nurse, mother of two, Miami, FL

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